Mom365- need some help getting around?

Welcome to Mom365- we hope you are able to get answers to your questions, get support, and enjoy meeting other moms!

We'd love to help you find your way around the site, we've put together a few quick tips for you to be able to do that.

First, let's help you get your profile set up. You should see an arrow at the very top left corner of your homepage, next to a circle (your profile picture). Click on that arrow and select the "Profile Settings" option. On this page, you can change your profile photo and edit your profile information. Once your done, click on the "Save Changes" button.

A great place to start meeting other moms with a little one your child's age, is by joining your birth group. Would you like to join a birth group?

  • From your homepage, click on the "Join your birth group" link on the left side of the page.
  • Scroll through the list of groups to locate your birth group and click on it.
  • Click on the "Join the Conversation" button in the middle top of the page.

To ask any questions you might have, or just share some random thoughts, you can make a post in one of our forums. Would you like to make a post in our forums?
  • From your homepage, click on the "Forum" link on the left side of the page.
  • Locate the forum that you would like to post to, and click on that.
  • Click on the purple "Add Topic" button and fill in your topic title and the post you would like to make.
  • Once that's done, click on the "Save Topic" button- and your post is now able to be seen and replied to by others.

Would you like to reply to a post?
  • After you have opened the post you would like reply to, you can click on the "Reply" option.
  • You should see a comment box- type your reply into that comment box.
  • Once you are finished typing your comment, click on the "Post Comment" button and your comment will now we posted.
A challenge is a great way to stretch yourself, see what you can accomplish, and share your successes, and ideas with our community! Would you like to participate in one of our challenges?
To locate our challenges, just click on the "Challenge" link on the left side of your home page.
Select the challenge you would like to participate in.
Click on the purple "Submit your idea" button to submit your response to the challenge

Our polls are a great way to voice your opinions on various topics- we'd love to hear what you think! Want to vote in one of our polls?
  • You can see an open poll on your homepage- just select the answer you would like to vote with and click submit to see the results.
After you have done a few things in the community, you may notice points and badges being added to your profile. You can earn badges for filling out your profile, making posts on the forums, answering polls, adding a journal, and commenting on blogs. You can also earn badges for collecting points. Points can be earned each time you respond to a poll, make forum posts, add a challenge idea, or like a challenge idea. We hope you will enjoy your time on Mom365, 'hang out' with us, share your thoughts, and earn some cool badges for your profile while you do!

Here's a quick list of ideas for you to use to start earning points:

You can create posts and reply to them- for every 5 posts you create, you earn 10 points. If you need a place to start, you can join the Community Newbies group and start posting-

You can answer polls- for every 5 polls you answer, you earn 5 points. You can find the polls on the right side of the homepage, just answer one and after you click on "Submit" you will see the results and the "Next" button so you can answer another poll.

You can also submit challenge ideas- for every comment on a challenge you get 2 points- here's a link to our challenges:

Do you need more help or have feedback for us? Click on the "Feedback" link, located at the bottom of each page.







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