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Welcome to the new Mom365 Community!

It's been an exciting time here at Mom365. We have been working hard to release our new forums to you- we do hope that you enjoy them! As you begin to participate in the new forums- we do also hope, that you will share your story with us. Every parent, soon to be parent, or anyone hoping to be a parent someday- has a story that we want you to feel free to share with us. By sharing our stories, we can get to know one another, and remember that none of us are alone on this journey. I'd love to start us off by sharing a bit of mine!

I'm Amber, mom to seven kids- from 15 (almost)-10 months and married for almost 16 years. I love to travel, and if I had unlimited resources, that's exactly what I would do- I'd love to be able to take the kids around the country to see all the historic sites, take in all the science museums we can, and explore all the different areas and cultures of the world.

One of my biggest challenges of parenting is balancing all their unique personalities. We want to make sure that each child is handled in the best way we can- for themselves, not just treat them all as if they were the same. We want to help each of them explore each unique talent and interest they have and get excited to see where that takes them- that becomes a challenge to set aside the time for that, but we know it's so important!

Thank you for letting me share a bit of my story with you- would you like to share your story too? Send me a PM and let me know- and you could be the next featured mom!







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