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We are glad you are here- we have just a few guidelines to make sure everyone enjoys the site!

1. Be respectful!  It's not a surprise, we don't all agree on the topics we might discuss- but it's important to be respectful.  If you don't have some thing nice to say, don't say anything at all.  Remember that 'tone' can't be read online- so phrase things carefully.  If your post is rude, harsh, or attacking, it will be removed.  We also may ask that you re-phrase your post, if it seems like it could be easily misinterpreted as rude,harsh, or attacking to others. 

 A good rule to go by- if you put the phrase "you idiot", after what you want to post and it seems to fit/flow easily-  you may want to adjust how it's written.

2. No name calling- under no circumstances will name calling be tolerated.  We can disagree and discuss things without name calling.  This includes, but it not limited to calling others ignorant, stupid, 'bad parent', or insinuating it in your response.  We also will not tolerate stereotyping or racial slurs of any kind.  

3. Don't SPAM- if you are posting something to sell, posting a link to a product you get a perk for referring, or posting the same thing over and over again, posting random/nonsense things just to earn points- it's SPAM.

4. Keep it 'clean'- no cursing, graphic descriptions, or inappropriate images are allowed to be posted- 'inappropriate' images, includes, but is not limited to any image that contains nudity, acts of violence, or anything illegal. 

5. Do not create more then one account.

6. Don't share personally identifiable information- information such as your phone number shouldn't be shared in public- it's important to be cautious about sharing details like that, so make sure to keep it to yourself. 

7. Don't ask for donations- there are a lot of great causes out there- but Mom365 isn't the best place to spread the word.  We don't want anyone to be taken advantage of here, so it's best to leave fund raising campaigns to those on the Internet that can verify them better then we can.  We are here to be a support, but won't be able to allow users to ask for monitory donations on the site.  

Violation of these guidelines may result in one or more of the following occurring:

1. Posts in violation will be removed.

2. You may receive a note reminding you about our guidelines.

3. Points may be deducted from your account in the amount of the posts that had to be removed for being in violation

4. Your account may be deactivated.

If you have any questions about our guidelines- let us know, we are happy to help! 







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