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Have questions about parenting? Join us to discuss anything and everything about parenting!
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      • Welcome to the Parenting group!

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Welcome! So glad you have joined us here to connect with other moms who have parenting questions, concerns, vents, or thoughts on parenting.

        Feel free to introduce yourself here! We look...

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      • Daughter says "I hate you"

        by Katie_Mom365

        My three-yo daughter has started to say "I hate you" whenever she's not getting her way. We tell her we don't say that and try to explain other ways she can let us know she is upset, but the I...

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      • What is your biggest need?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        As a parent, we have lots of other people with a million and one needs all around us- we are constantly trying to meet them, while trying to balance it all. But, what is your biggest need as a...

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