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Are you a breastfeeding mom or looking for information on breastfeeding? Join us for support and conversation here!
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      • Would you go to this wedding?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Have you heard about the wedding invite that went out specifically requesting breastfeeding mothers only nurse in designated areas?  The wife of the best man is a nursing mom who was pretty...

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      • Breastfeeding and your period

        by Armena520

        Hi I’m a new mom! I’ve been breastfeeding for 3 months now and I’ve noticed I have not had a menstral cycle since my daughters birth. I bleed after the delivery like normal but after that I...

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      • Last post by [deleted]

      • Dealing with fast letdown

        by ashes42

        My little one has a hard time nursing when my milk let's down, which it does multiple times per feeding. It can come out pretty strong and she gulps, trying to keep up, which leads to a lot of...

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      • Last post by Armena520

      • Weening

        by rmoniemony

        My son is 15 months. He still nurses. Mainly to sleep. When do you think this should stop. The only times he falls asleep is nursing or driving in car. Any tips on when and how to break this...

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      • Last post by Amber_Mom365Host

      • Nursing tops?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Do you wear nursing tops? What brands/types have you found to be helpful?

        I always tried some, but found that they looked awkward or would expose me when I wasn't nursing due to a bad...

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      • Last post by Bethanie

      • Cover up!

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        I've always personally been one to cover while nursing, but I know that not all moms do.  I just found this article about a mom who was nursing her little one discretely, but not with a blanket...

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      • Peanut allergy?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Are you worried about your little one having peanut allergies?  A recent study is out that says if you want to reduce the risk of a peanut allergy in your child, it's a good idea.

        Do you...

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      • Maintain Good milk supply

        by Mommyofduces

        How do you take care of your milk supply? Any tips and tricks? Is bra decreasing milk supply?

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      • Breastfeeding is good for you too!

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        I think most of us make the decision to breastfeed, at least partially, because we know it's got some great health benefits for our babies, but did you know that breastfeeding is good for you too?...

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      • Last post by lmknight7

      • How long?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        How long have you been nursing for? Do you have a goal for how long you would like to do it for?

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      • Last post by Kfaria

      • Yoga and breastfeeding?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Are you struggling with breastfeeding at all? One of the 'secrets' to successful breastfeeding might just be yoga! It helps you relax and focus and some say it can really help you to be able to...

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      • 4 month old refusing the breast

        by Ellasmommi

        Ive always struggle with getting my baby to nurse. First she was lactose intolerant then she was gassy. Lately the only way to nurse her is to sleep. I will try to nurse when she wakes up but she...

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      • Last post by Amber_Mom365Host

      • Breastfeeding mannequins--yay or nay?

        by Katie_Mom365

        A mall in Colombia just introduced breastfeeding mannequins to help normalize breastfeeding there. Sounds like a win-win: moms are supported publically and the malls win goodwill from a valuable...

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