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December 2017 Birth Group

Connect with other moms who have had or are having a baby in December 2017. Come and join the conversation!
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      • Welcome December 2017 Moms!

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Welcome! So glad you have joined us here to connect with other moms who have children born in December 2017!

        Feel free to introduce yourself here! We look forward to getting to know you...

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      • Last post by Amber_Mom365Host

      • First smile?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Has your little one given you that first smile yet?  Were you able to capture it on camera? 

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      • Last post by Clpeck

      • Umbilical cord?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Has your little one’s umbilical cord fallen off?  How long did it take?  Did you clean it with anything? 

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      • Last post by Evelyn

      • Fear of SIDS

        by PrincessJdot

        I am so scared of SIDS, I find myself not sleeping and just sitting up and watching my son sleep. This means I am not sleeping much. I have taken all the possible precautions I can but it still...

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      • Last post by [deleted]

      • Vaccinations?!

        by [deleted]

        Any vaccines at this point? When are the first set of vaccinations? Do you plan to vaccinate as scheduled by the DHHS? I had a healthy baby boy on Christmas. He had one vaccine, a hepatitis one....

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      • Last post by Kate365

      • Swing

        by Clpeck

        Ok so my little boy is a month tomorrow (holy cow!) and he struggles with letting me put him down whether to just let me do something small, like wash a dish, or for sleep. Has anyone had any luck...

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      • Last post by Lucasmomma

      • Head peeling....

        by PrincessJdot

        My sons head and face are very flaky. I know it’s normal but is there anything I can put on him to help? I have heard coconut oil works, any other ideas?

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      • Last post by Amber_Mom365Host

      • Diaper changes?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        In my experience, babies are either one of two ways, when it comes to diaper changes- either they love to have a fresh diaper, or when you change them- they make sure you know they hate every...

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      • Last post by Kate365

      • Hospital room?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Did your baby stay with you when you were in the hospital or did they go to the nursery so you could get some rest?

        Would you do it differently if you could go back?  

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      • Last post by Kate365

      • Baby Announcements?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Are you going to be sending out baby announcements?  What kind are you sending out and where did you get them?  Do you think an announcement over Facebook is good enough? 

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      • Last post by sunshinsj

      • Planned C section

        by [deleted]

        What should I pack if I'm having a planned c-section? Please help!

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      • Last post by mflynn1130

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