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June 2017 Birth Group

Connect with other moms who have had or are having a baby in June 2017. Come and join the conversation!

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      • Welcome June 2017 Moms!

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Welcome! So glad you have joined us here to connect with other moms who have children born in June 2017!

        Feel free to introduce yourself here! We look forward to getting to know you...

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      • Last post by Taleshia

      • Breastfeeding & cravings!

        by Kimberlylp30

        My baby girl was born June 22 2017, and I am exclusively breastfeeding her all is well except for my appetite. I’m craving sweet like mad! Especially chocolate, and I’m not usually at chocolate...

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      • Last post by Khaleesi17

      • Swaddling?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Are you swaddling your baby?  Does it seem to help them sleep better?  Do you use any special swaddling blankets or just wrap them up in a regular blanket?  

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      • Last post by MKG

      • Tummy time!

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        How’s tummy time going with your little one?  Do they enjoy it or just scream?  What types of things do you do to make it last a little longer?

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      • Last post by Amber_Mom365Host

      • Umbilical cord?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Has your little one’s umbilical cord fallen off? How long did it take? Did you clean it with anything?

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      • Last post by [deleted]

      • Two month check up!

        by Amber_Mom365Host

         Are you ready for the two month check up?  Have you decided what you will do about the vaccinations that usually come with this visit? 

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      • Baby registry?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Do you have a baby registry all filled out? What types of things do you have on your wish list? Is there anything you are really hoping to get, above everything else on your list?

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