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February 2017 Birth Group

Connect with other moms who have had a baby born in February 2017. Come and join the conversation!
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      • Welcome February 2017 Moms!

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Welcome! So glad you have joined us here to connect with other moms who have children born in February 2017!

        Feel free to introduce yourself here! We look forward to getting to know you...

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      • Sunburn baby what can I do

        by [deleted]

        So I just noticed we went on vacation n but sunblock on baby but for sum reason he got sunburn a lil bit on his shoulders what can I do or put on him ???

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      • Walk down memory lane…

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        You just found out that you were expecting! Do you remember how you found out? How did you feel about it? Were you surprised?

        If you could go back to that moment and tell yourself...

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      • Nap routine?

        by SophiesMom

        Hi! My baby girl turns 3 months this Friday and for the past week or 2 I've been trying to instill a daily nap routine, about 90 minutes after she wakes in the morning for her first one, then an...

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      • Nickname?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Does your little one have a nickname? What is the nickname you are calling them and how did they get it?

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