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November 2016 Birth Group

Connect with other moms who have had a baby born in November 2016. Come and join the conversation!
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      • Lavender?

        by Kate365

        Has anyone tried using lavender ie with a diffuser, in their LOs nursery? To help with keeping them calm, and sleep better?

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      • Last post by Amber_Mom365Host

      • Swimming lessons?

        by Kate365

        My husband and I have been discussing enrolling LO into swimming lessons. I'm a hesitant because of the chemicals in the pool water. But I also understand that there can be benefits.

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      • Last post by Amber_Mom365Host

      • Sleep

        by Kate365

        My LO is almost 8 months and still is not sleeping though the night. He's still waking up at least once a night if not twice or three times a night. He mainly wants to eat and if not play. Any...

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      • Last post by Kat3n1

      • Repetition…

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        One way your little one is learning at this age is by repetition. They drop things to watch you pick them up, they build a tower just to watch it fall, they fill the toy bucket, then dump it. If...

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      • Rolling over?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        Is your little one rolling over yet? Do they roll over regularly or have they just done it a few times?

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      • Last post by [deleted]

      • Keeping up with your routine?

        by Amber_Mom365Host

        When you have a little one, you introduce a completely new routine for them into your life- that can cause some change in your morning routine- I always struggle with how to get myself breakfast! ...

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      • 6 Months!

        by Brysonsmommy

        My little guy will be six months on the 19th (tomorrow) he will wave, high five, sleeps all night, doesn't cry (EVER!!) and understands "no" when pulling hair, pinching, scratching and then will...

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      • Last post by Amber_Mom365Host

      • Travel

        by LaurenMcCoy11

        Hi everyone! Has anyone flown with their baby yet? What was your experience like? We have a trip in a few weeks and I'm a little anxious! Thanks!

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      • Last post by Amber_Mom365Host

      • Routines

        by [deleted]

        I am going back to work next month and trying to establish a little bit more of a hour by hour routine. I am having a very hard time getting my baby to sleep in her crib for longer than 30...

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      • Last post by Amber_Mom365Host

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