Mommy, what do you want for Christmas?

by Amber_Mom365Host

I think I have some pretty awesome kids.  They are all getting ready for Christmas, but instead of writing a list of “I wants”- they have been making a list of what to give everyone.  My nine year old came to me and asked what I wanted for Christmas.  I have to admit, that’s really not an easy question to answer.  If money were no object, I could use a new car or money to fix a few things up around the house- but I have everything I really need and I’m pretty content.  That’s when it occurred to me, a mom’s Christmas wish list, looks totally different then what would be on a normal wish list- here’s what’s on my mom Christmas wish list:

  • No sibling arguments for a whole day
  • A clean house
  • A day to snuggle and not have to do anything else
  • Dinner made, and cleaned up
  • Breakfast in bed
  • A nap

What’s on your Christmas list this year? 


  • JLale wrote

    My son is going to be 16 weeks old this week. He was a preemie, had colic, and hates to be set down for a nap. I really am wishing for him to be able to settle down without a struggle.

    Oh, and a tenure-track faculty position nearer to my family in Cleveland :P

  • Amber_Mom365Host wrote

    @JLale- I hope get everything on your wish list!

  • MicheleneD wrote

    I just want some rest. The past year has been hectic: settling into our new home, having to commute across town to drop my son off and pick him up from school until he could transfer to his new school (we had to wait until we started getting official mail to register him), custody issues, a fall at work, a car accident that totaled our car, traveling for work, traveling to check on family (my cousin had an a brain aneurysm the night of my birthday halting celebrations), etc.

    While I love my children, I just would like a day of rest and relaxation. Oh an a new pillow, preferably a memory foam one.

  • Kate365 wrote

    I want house listing and a new house buying to go smoothly as possible, as it can with a very active 2 year old.

  • mbarto112 wrote

    This year I have the best present I could ask for. It's my first Christmas as a Mom and my son is everything I could have asked for!







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