What are Holidays Like at Your House?

by Amber_Mom365Host


Happy Holidays!  

It's a wonderful time of the year, and all of us experience that awe and wonder with different traditions and in different ways!  We asked a few members to share with us about their holidays and how they celebrate.  I think it's fun to learn about others traditions, and I hope you enjoy hearing from a few of our members about their holidays!


lmknight7 celebrates Christmas and her favorite part of the holiday are the Christmas lights.  A favorite tradition that she has is to bake a decorate sugar cookies and she hopes that her kids will continue that tradition and share the fruits of that labor with others!


"This holiday we will be celebrating Christmas. A family tradition that I used to do as a kid that I will continue with my child is to make sure we all get up and go to church and then come home and have a big breakfast before we open gifts. Another tradition I like to do it to be a secret Santa to a less fortunate child and give him or her gifts. One thing I hope my child continues is the gift of giving. I hope she keeps this tradition alive and remembers that life is not always about you but about giving to others."


"We will be celebrating Christmas.

Growing up we always went to church, Christmas eve night. After church we could drive around looking at Christmas lights. (To give mom or dad time to put the gifts under the tree). We then would eat supper. And spend to rest of the night opening gifts and playing with our new toys.

Christmas morning we would get up and drive to grandpa and grandma's house and spend the next couple of days spending time with extended family, and playing with cousins, I have 27 of them on mom's side of the family.

I think now my favorite part of the holiday is eating all of the goodies and food that grandma would bake and cook. How I miss that. There's nothing like grandma's cooking. Growing up it was playing with all the the cousins of course!

I think we want to pass on to little one, that Christmas is more about family and getting stuff. I really don't remember the stuff I got growing up. What I do remember is laughing and playing with all of my cousins."

What holiday will you be celebrating this Christmas?  Do you have any special traditions?  What is a tradition you hope your kids will carry on?  

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  • lmknight7 wrote

    @Kate365, definitely agree that family memories are the best & I hope my kids treasure that as much as I do







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