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A Guide to Reducing Sibling Rivalry

by Amber_Mom365Host

If you have more then one child, chances are you have heard those sweet little voices of your little ones turn into irrational screeches of horror when their brother or sister is touching them, breathing on them, or looking out their window while you are driving down the road.  Even siblings that are the best of friends can get into a...

Through the eyes of a child...

by Amber_Mom365Host

It was one of those days already- hectic, overly busy, and just flat out over whelming.  I had plans that day to not go anywhere and get a few things done around the house- but that changed.  I loaded four little ones in the car, one by one- took a deep breath and headed down the road to pick one of the other little ones and bring her home...

How do you reduce "new mom" stress?

by Amber_Mom365Host

There is nothing more amazing, exhausting, emotional, and stressful then being a new mom!  When I became a mom for the first time, I wasn't really prepared for what it all meant- as I think most moms would say.  I knew pretty much nothing, of what to expect- especially all the little things that would all the sudden become difficult.  I...

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

by Amber_Mom365Host

Have you ever seen those pink and blue ribbons that are floating around this time of year?  If you haven't yet, be on the look out for them- those ribbons stand for pregnancy and infant loss awareness.  One out of every four women will get the news that they have had a miscarriage, and in 2015- it was estimated that 5.9 out of every...

Having an Attitude of Gratitude

by Amber_Mom365Host

Just the other day, I was busy helping one of my kids with cleaning their room, while we working all I heard were complaints from her.  In that moment I was working through how to address that with her- my thoughts went to how to teach her gratefulness- and I had a game plan.  We were going to make a list of things to be thankful for every day...

Fall Traditions- Bring on the Pumpkin Spice!

by Amber_Mom365Host

Is anyone else ready for boots, scarves, jeans, and fall?  I'm ready!  It's always hard to say goodbye to summer and I never feel like I accomplished all the 'fun' things on my list for the kids, but about this time of year, I'm ready to taste all things pumpkin, pick some apples, and enjoy a fire on a cool night.   Fall is full of fun...

Current events and our kids

by Amber_Mom365Host

As of late, the recent headlines in the news are just heartbreaking to me- so much sadness, tragic loss of life, and hatred.  Some days, it's all too much for me to read about, and it makes me wonder how our kids are dealing with it all, when I don't understand it myself.  We don't have tv- so having the news on at home isn't an issue...

Naming your baby- are you struggling to find the perfect fit?

by Amber_Mom365Host

Almost immediately after that pregnancy test turned positive with my kids, my mind raced to forming a list of baby names- it was so exciting to have the honor of naming that new little bundle of joy that would arrive soon!  But, as time marched on and the due date got closer and we still hadn't picked a name, it became more of a stress...

What's In Your Water?

by Katie_Mom365

I have a love-hate relationship with the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The EWG is a nonprofit that helps people understand what chemicals are in their personal and household products, and the safety or risk of those chemicals. On one hand I love them for providing me with info and tools about all the nasty stuff out there. On the other...

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