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Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes? You Aren't Alone!

by Amber_Mom365Host

You drank that really gross glucose drink- the orange or cola flavor and you held it down, that's an accomplishment... but then you got called back to do it again and have blood drawn every hour for three hours.  A few days after that, you get a call telling you that the numbers were not so great and you in fact have tested positive...

How to Have a Romantic Valentines Day, Even With Kids

by Amber_Mom365Host

Do you remember what Valentine's Day was like when you were dating and didn't have kids?  Maybe you spent the evening out at a romantic dinner, getting chocolate and flowers, or perhaps- you just stayed in and enjoyed your time together.  Chances are, now that you have kids- Valentines Day looks a little different.  Instead of picking out the...

Spotting and Reporting Child Abuse

by Amber_Mom365Host

I don't follow the news much, in fact I should probably work to be more informed- but even as little as I follow, one national news story caught my attention this week.  It's the story of the thirteen Turpin children who were neglected and tortured by their parents for years- my heart breaks for those children and like many others, I...

Is your child lying? Don't worry, it just means they have a higher IQ

by Amber_Mom365Host

Some recent studies have made the news about children and lying- and the results might be a bit unexpected.  These studies are stating that a child who is inclined to lie, actually has a higher IQ.  In the study, children were left in a room and told not to take a peek at a hidden object- as a parent, I'm sure you can imagine the...

Morning Sickness Got You Down? Try These Ideas!

by Amber_Mom365Host

When you first see a positive show up on that pregnancy test depending on where you are at in your life,- you can feel a huge variety of emotions: excitement, nerves, anxious, happy beyond belief.  After the news starts to sync in a little, you might start to feel something a little different in the pit of your stomach-  it's the nausea that...

Raise Your Hand if You Hate New Years Resolutions!!

by Amber_Mom365Host

The new year is upon us- less than a week and we will be welcoming 2018!  When the clock strikes midnight, so also beings, the major marketing campaigns to tell us all that we need to lose weight, read more, sleep more, save more, and just be more.  If you are anything like me, you find it exhausting to even think about how much...

Navigating Tough Relationships During the Holidays

by Amber_Mom365Host

The holidays are full of events that bring us together with other people- it's pretty awesome to see friends and loved ones and get the chance to spend some time with them, but- there are those that are a little more difficult to handle.  Maybe it's an in law whose sharp remarks cut you every time, maybe it's a loved one struggling...

Our Non-Traditional Christmas Gift Tradition... Part Two!

by Amber_Mom365Host

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about our non-traditional Christmas gift tradition- where I talked about the gifts we give our kids each year- the gift of dates, spread out through the year, with mom and dad (and sometimes a double date with a sibling too).  You can read more about that here:

Our Non-Traditional Christmas Gift...

Ways to Give Back

by Amber_Mom365Host

If you ask most people what Christmas means, whether if they are religious or not- chances are you will hear something about giving in their response.  As parents, we give to our kids all the time, and Christmas is no exception.  We think about the perfect gift for them, sacrifice our time and finances to try to make their Christmas memorable....

Our Non-Traditional Christmas Gift Tradition

by Amber_Mom365Host

The Christmas shopping season is upon us!  The toy catalogs and store sales are in abundance, and one thing that isn't- is your time.  It takes some serious time to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list,  and when time is short, that can be a bit frustrating. 

About five years ago, my husband and I sat...

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