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Current events and our kids

by Amber_Mom365Host

As of late, the recent headlines in the news are just heartbreaking to me- so much sadness, tragic loss of life, and hatred.  Some days, it's all too much for me to read about, and it makes me wonder how our kids are dealing with it all, when I don't understand it myself.  We don't have tv- so having the news on at home isn't an issue...

Naming your baby- are you struggling to find the perfect fit?

by Amber_Mom365Host

Almost immediately after that pregnancy test turned positive with my kids, my mind raced to forming a list of baby names- it was so exciting to have the honor of naming that new little bundle of joy that would arrive soon!  But, as time marched on and the due date got closer and we still hadn't picked a name, it became more of a stress...

What's In Your Water?

by Katie_Mom365

I have a love-hate relationship with the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The EWG is a nonprofit that helps people understand what chemicals are in their personal and household products, and the safety or risk of those chemicals. On one hand I love them for providing me with info and tools about all the nasty stuff out there. On the other...

Making Now The Sweet Spot

by Katie_Mom365

Did anyone else happen to see the lovely (but also nostalgic and sad) post about the Sweet Spot of parenting? A mom looked at her three kids and realized that after years of being in what she calls the Blur, she's finally at the point with her kids where they are big enough to mostly manage themselves, but they're still little enough to be...

Back to School!

by Amber_Mom365Host

I was walking through the store the other day and ran into the back to school display- freshly put up.  I can't believe school is set to begin soon!  It seems like the number of options for schooling choices is innumerable- you can send your kids to a traditional public school, private school, charter school, online private school, online...

Say What?

by Katie_Mom365

I think one of the best things about having a preschooler is the things they say. My daughter is a serious gabber, sometimes I'm even exhausted with all the listening and responding required of me! But I'm rewarded with the hilarious things she says. Like how this week she told me "pocketpulls" (those are popsicles) make it feel "like all of...

Just be yourself...

by Amber_Mom365Host

Just be yourself, it's a timeless phrase, it's been spoken to kids who are looking for advice on how to deal with friends, when navigating the dating world for the first time, and when they are seeking answers for how to behave in certain situations.  Just be yourself- sounds so simple, doesn't it?  What's simple, isn't always easy- even as a...

Instagram mom themes

by Katie_Mom365

I spend some time on Instagram for work (though it feels like play!), following moms, other parenting sites, and related influencers. I'm not a social scientist, but I'm definitely an amateur cultural observer of sorts--I guess we all are in this social media-obsessed society! Here are some recurring themes I've noticed when it comes to moms'...

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