Dear Baby Princesses,


I know it sounds trite, but I can’t believe BP2 is 3 years old.


At the same time, my sweet girl, you’ve come such a long way from being that tiny snuggly baby who used to wail her head off and then melt my heart with her sheer softness.  Those big blue eyes and crazy dark hair .  .  . it’s lightened up a lot now but I think that’s always how I’ll see you.


You’re nothing if not your own person at age 3, my sweetheart.  You have a lot of opinions, use the word “no” way more than you should, speak in full sentences, follow your big sister around imitating most of what she says and does – but not everything.  You know what you like and don’t like, and you’re not afraid to vocalize your requests.  You now love telling stories and share the same one over and over when you get a reaction.  For example, there are some chalk drawings out on the deck from when we were hanging out there a few weeks ago.  Every time you look out the window you say (as one sentence) “Remember when we drew the pictures out there that was funny right?”  In fact, you start most stories with “Remember when” and end them with “that was funny right?”  I love hearing your infectious laugh, which right now your big sister inspires by pulling along a toy she put together that falls apart every time it goes through a door.  Each time the wheels come off you shriek with laughter.


I will say that you have had your moments over the past few months.  Should I ever be in danger of painting this stage with some sort of rosy glow, I record this here to remind myself that there have been some challenges.  BP2, you went through a substantial phase of doing things like hitting, pulling hair and throwing tantrums (and therefore disturbing your entire class) during naptime at school.  That more or less seems to have subsided (though you did get time out today for hitting your sister with a pair of shoes).  Still, if I see devilish behavior in you as a teenager I will know it’s not the first time.


Back to the fun stuff.  You have been super-excited about your birthday, even as you have struggled with the timeline of everything that is happening.  For the last few weeks you’ve been asking questions like, “Today are we going to school?  Or my birthday party?”  Even yesterday, after both your actual birthday and your party were well over, I was getting you ready for the pool party and you asked “Is this my party?”  But with your (usually) sweet disposition you tend to move on and be okay when I tell you that whatever we are about to do is not actually your party.


You’ve had a great long birthday weekend with both sets of grandparents along with Aunt L and Uncle R in town.  On your actual birthday, Daddy and I brought munchkins into your class and were impressed by how quickly sugary treats silenced a room full of toddlers.  Friday evening all of the grandparents came to our house for Chinese food.  Saturday morning was your bowling party, which was more of a hit than I ever could have imagined.  The kids all loved the bowling – perhaps because it’s not something they generally do as an activity – and the arcade was a hot spot as well.  You got a nice big balloon bouquet and lots of Minnie Mouse decorations, plus the pizza and cake you had requested.  After that we came back to our house to hang out and open gifts, and then went for a yummy Italian dinner.  Sunday we met Grandma and Grandpa M for breakfast, and then headed over to a barbecue/pool party in the afternoon.  And today we’ve been mostly taking it easy (you have been worn out from all of the festivities so you are taking a nice long nap at the moment) but the plan is to meet Aunt L, Uncle R, cousin M and G for an early dinner before Aunt L and Uncle R head back to New York.


BP1, even though this is (and should be) a post dedicated to BP2, I want you to know that you have been a great big sister this weekend (as you always seem to be).  You told me that the bowling party was your “favorite birthday ever” and you’ve played a big part in helping to prepare for and host the party.  Thanks especially for assembling all of the goody bags. 


I love my big girls so much.  Happy Birthday, BP2.




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Comment by Katie, Mom365 Host on July 4, 2016 at 11:10pm
Aww, happy birthday BP2!

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