In April was the first time that I took my daughter to the park. I was impressed at how she let go of me and went to play she ran around and had lots of fun. After an hour and half it happened. Amie started running towards the tire swing before I knew it she was on the floor. The boy pushing the swing asked very concerned if she was ok I said "she'll be fine its ok". I felt bad because the boy looked upset and I was upset because I was thinking Oh crap! The first time i take Amie out to play in a park and I scar her. I calmly went to pick her up she just lay on her back like What just happened? ?? Finally she cried and I carried her back to the stroller. The swing just grazed her upper lip, I wiped the blood cuddled her put on coat , put her in her stroller and gave her a snack then she fell asleep. Two things went through my mind......we got the first booboo out of the way and I Won!!!!!!! The whole point to tire her out she never naps I was so proud of myself.

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Comment by Katie, Mom365 Host on May 17, 2014 at 8:36am
Sounds like a great first trip to the playground :) it's so good for kids to get out and run around. And they're so resilient, a little booboo won't turn them off from what was otherwise such a fun time! Glad you won :)

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