Dear Baby Princesses,

You've seen a lot of action over the past couple of months!

We just took our first longer-than-2-hours road trip as a family, to Charleston for R and T's wedding. I'd say we probably should have given ourselves another day there, but other than the quick turnaround we had a great time. The hotel worked out perfectly; we had a 2-bedroom suite since Grandma and Grandpa D were meeting us there to keep an eye on the two of you during the festivities, and the hotel itself was connected to a few different outdoor malls and shopping centers so there were plenty of options for dining and such.  The wedding was amazing, of course, and you had lots of fun walking around Charleston and going to the beach the next day.  BP1, I love that you love the beach so much.  You also seem to love hotels and travel in general.  I wonder where you get that from?  In any case, I want you to know that you both did very well on the long drive, and your Daddy and I are eternally grateful.  And of course you had a great time with your grandparents .  .  . it was especially nice of them to come because they are in the midst of a move.  They actually close today and I think Daddy is a little bit sad that they will no longer be in his childhood home - but mostly happy that they no longer have to maintain it.

Today is the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and tomorrow Grandma and Grandpa M are coming to pay you a visit!  I think we will keep it low-key but it will be nice to see them too, and you will be able to continue your quest of becoming the most spoiled little princesses ever.  Speaking of visitors, the last couple of weeks have also brought us Daddy's cousin R (a rare treat - we never get to see her outside of family events!) and our friend Uncle E from out in California.  We really do hate being far away from so many people, but we're lucky to live in a city where people have to occasionally travel for work and such so sometimes they can make time for us too.

And just a couple of notes on stuff you are doing now.  BP1, my favorite thing you say right now is "Mommy, can you take me a bath?"  Of course what you mean is "can you give me a bath," but it's so cute I usually don't have the heart to correct you.  For the most part you speak perfectly well now, so it kind of makes me happy when you have a lingering toddlerism.  BP2 is now a super-fast crawler, so another phrase that's popular in our house now is "We have a visitor!"  Usually we say it when we're in the midst of getting ready for bed, when BP1 is in one room (brushing her teeth in the bathroom or something along those lines) and BP2 appears from whatever safe place we have tried to leave her in order to "play the drums" on the stepstool or generally interrupt whatever activity BP1 is supposed to be completing.  I just love that you love each other, and that you do your best to play together, whatever that may mean to each of you at this stage.  No matter how you feel about Daddy and I as you get older, I truly hope that the two of you will always be close.

Last piece of news - once again a little princess (BP2 this time) is scheduled for surgery in a few weeks.  It's for your tear duct, sweet girl, and we are told that it will be a quick outpatient procedure.  Here's hoping, as always, that it all goes smoothly.

I love you both so much and can't wait for the long weekend with you.  Hope you are both having a great day at school!



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