Dear Baby Princesses,

This year and every year, I am thankful for the time I get to spend watching the two of you together.

Yes, I know it sounds cheesy, and I imagine that when you are old enough to read this you will groan and think something like "Mom, come ON. You are the worst." But I hope you know that underneath the cheesiness there is a level of true sincerity. Right now it is amazing to watch the two of you interact, as you play wonderfully together and are more than happy with just one other as companions. I'm well aware that this magical stage will come to a screeching halt a lot faster than I want it to, so I am appreciating every minute of it.

BP2, you love pleasing your big sister and you spend much of your time directly imitating anything and everything that BP1 says. This manifests itself in a lot of games which appear to involve running around the house in a circle, while both of you scream something senseless at the top of your lungs. But sometimes the play is organized, like the time that BP1 took on the role of teacher. From the next room I heard her say "Come on, BP2, it's time for lunch" and I watched as she placed the picnic basket on top of your play table. BP2, you looked up from whatever you were playing with on the floor (likely a baby, given your track record), sweetly said "Okay!" and got up to take your seat. It may not sound like much, but it was such a nice moment I nearly cried. The two of you love showing off whatever you are doing to one another, and while BP2, you are in an extremely stubborn phase (I hope it's a phase?) where you basically insists on doing every single thing yourself, when you do ask for help, it's often from BP1.

BP2, your speech is improving in leaps and bounds and you are using full sentences more and more. Often BP1 serves as translator, since not all of the words in the sentence are necessarily understandable to the average person. But you are getting there; the other day you said something and it took me a moment to figure out which one of you was speaking. You are really using language to process things; yesterday when BP1 said something you didn't expect, you stopped and responded with "Oh" while you figured out what to do. In the past, you would have remained silent. Again, I know these are little changes and milestones, but it is truly fascinating to me to watch a person learn to speak (especially one as brilliant as you).

BP1, I don't know at what point you are going to become less fun, but I am loving our conversations more and more as you get older. A few of my recent favorites:

Me: BP1, you don't really want those bright pink and gold leggings. What would you wear with them?
You: Whatever you put out for me to wear with them.
(I couldn't argue.)

Me: What did you do in golf today?
You: Petting.
Me: Petting?
You: We learned to pet.
Me: What do you mean? What were you petting?
You: We hit the ball with a petter.
Me: Ohhhhh - you mean a putter?
You: Yes, a petter.

Me: How many times have I told you not to do that?
You: Five?

One other interesting thing you said to me today . . . "Your face looks like you want to tell me something." Again, I think it's amazing to watch you develop, and to see how you are learning to tune in to not only what other people say, but what they don't say. Something tells me I'm going to have to be a lot more careful about how I communicate with you (or don't).

I can't close a post about Thanksgiving without telling you what a great holiday we had. We hosted again this year and were fortunate to be joined by all of your grandparents, GAR, cousin M, Aunt L and Uncle R. Somehow it seemed to be the perfect amount of people and I think everyone genuinely had a nice time. The two of you sat at your little table and loved it, and were of course the center of attention all weekend. We balanced out the full day of everyone together with some smaller-group time with each of those contingents. Last night you visited your first Brazilian restaurant with me and Daddy, cousin M, Uncle R and Aunt L. I'm pretty sure the restaurant vastly underestimated your appetite by allowing the two of you to eat for free (you are, after all, your Mommy's daughters).

I hope you had as great a weekend as the rest of us did. And as always, I go to sleep thankful for the two of you, your Daddy, and all of our family and friends. Sleep tight, my sweet princesses.


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