Dear Baby Princesses,

I love that you both sleep like bullfrogs.

BP2, I think about this every night when I come in to check on you.  At some point you go from sleeping stretched out, on your belly, head always nested into the corner of your crib to your knees are pulled up under your chest.  Sometimes I worry that you are cold but you seem to just be perfectly happy that way.

BP1, you are the original bullfrog.  While you don't sleep that way now, since you are - you tell me proudly - 4 and 11/12ths, you slept that way forever.  I'm convinced that's how you were positioned in the womb, since for your first several months on earth your favorite nap position was on someone's shoulder but in that position.  You would nap for hours, curled up against your Daddy's chest, always with your knees practically up to your chin.  Even as you got older, the cast and then the brace essentially encouraged that position, so you maintained it for a long time after babyhood. 

Hopefully it is not something I should be concerned about for both of your sets of hips, but for the moment, I will bask in the cuteness.

Love you both, sweet girls. 



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