After I had my daughter I had my tubes cut, tied and I'm kind of regretting it.... It's just sort of sad to think I 'll never have my own sweet little baby again...It's kind of a relief to know there won't be any surprises, but I can't help but wonder if I made the right decision....

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Comment by jilliangymn on November 18, 2013 at 5:50pm

Well maybe this will make you feel better, my sister her whole life has been told she cant have children because her uterus is completely messed up, she has been sexually active for about 15 years and got pregnant, this is truly a miracle because it was impossible, not only was her uterus misshaped and messed up shes also very over weight now so it is crushed on top of it all. Basically what I am saying is if God really wants you to have another baby even though you had this procedure he will make it happen. No matter what it isnt yours to decide. So yes it is impossible for you to get pregnant since you have had this done, but in all reality it can happen. This thought may help you relax a little better because I have heard of people getting pregnant with their tubes tide, so once again you may have decided you never want another baby, but that isnt your decision to make, it is Gods and his only. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Comment by Katie, Mom365 Host on October 8, 2013 at 1:24pm

Shannon, you should make your hubby get snipped! You had three babies after all, you've done your part, lol :)

Comment by Shannon, Star Mom on October 7, 2013 at 3:52pm

I know it's easier said than done... but consider this, if you did not get your tubes tied would you be regretting that decision as well??  The reason I say this is because I had *planned'* the same procedure after my second pregnancy (twins...) so I decided there was noway in hell I wanted to get pregnant again and was going to look into getting my tubes tied during delivery.  Well, I unexpectedly gave birth a month early and it was too late to look into getting the procedure done.  Now, I have to take birth control (I hate surgical procedures so I'm not going back in to have my tubes tied, I was hoping to just kill two birds w/ one stone during the delievery!).  Now- I worry all the time about getting pregnant (even w/ taking my pill like clockwork- b/c I got pregnant while on the pill!!)... so I regret NOT getting it done during the delivery.  I guess  my point is you very well may have regretted not getting the procedure done if you opted out.  It's kinda like a double edge sword!  Be content with your decision, clearly you felt it was best for your particular situation.  I am sure I would have regretted getting my tubes tied if I had the procedure done, but the peace of mind would FAR outweigh the anxiety and worry I experience on/off about getting pregnant- seriously, I've told my husband if he gets me pregnant again I'm delivering the baby and hauling butt outta there to another state (lol).  So, consider the fact you do not have to worry about an unexpected pregnancy (trust me, I worry about this almost on a daily basis b/c I know physically, mentally, financially, etc we cannot handle another baby- we don't even have a house big enough for another!)... 

Comment by Katie, Mom365 Host on September 27, 2013 at 9:22am

I bet that is hard. I am not speaking from experience, so forgive me if this is not helpful at all! But would it help if you made a list of the reasons you opted for the procedure in the first place? You probably thought quite a bit about your ideal family size and why you were stopping at a certain number. Also, what if you could channel that energy spent being sad about it into your darling children now? I would try to do that whenever I felt sad about only having one child (as told us was going to be the case). I am sure a lot of women feel this way at least a little after a tubal ligation, hopefully some will chime in here as well.

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