Dear Baby Princesses,

Monday is BP2's first birthday.

My smallest princess, you have brought so much happiness to your big sister, your Daddy and me this year.  Thank you for being the embodiment of softness.  Thank you for sucking your thumb in a perfect baby cliche.  Thank you for looking around in delight every time you hear applause.  Thank you for trying to chase after your sister on your hands and knees.  Thank you for always looking to her for her reaction when you're not sure what's going on, and for constantly wanting to do whatever she's doing.  Thank you for falling asleep on my shoulder in the evenings and early mornings.  Thank you for giggling uncontrollably whenever you see something bounce or when your Daddy swings you around.  Thank you for permanently removing the door stopper in the kitchen.  Thank you for squirming just as much outside my belly as you did when you were inside.  Thank you for sleeping through the night once I went back to work.  Thank you for being so patient during the 8 weeks you spent in a brace.  Thank you for eating well.  Thank you for squealing in excitement when I pick you up every afternoon and for wrapping your arms around my neck in a baby hug.  Thank you for balancing perfectly on my left hip.  Thank you for emptying out the recycling bin while we make dinner.  Thank you for floating happily in the pool with your yellow ball and your Daddy every Sunday.  Thank you for making our family complete.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.



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