Dear Baby Princesses,

I cannot believe that BP2 is two years old!

As always, I have waited way too long to write, and I'll certainly never be able to catch you up on everything that's happened since my last post.  I keep saying that I'm going to write shorter, more frequent posts, and maybe one of these days I'll actually do it.  Work has been absolutely insane for me and even though it's 8:30 at night right now I really need to be working.  But I didn't want to put this off any longer, as we're already a couple of weeks beyond the big birthday, which was really nice by the way!  All of your grandparents came in, along with GAR and Aunt B.  (Can you believe Cousin R is old enough to be at sleepaway camp??)  We celebrated on July 4th weekend and on July 4th itself, which was Saturday, we just had everyone at the house all day, played, went to the pool for a little bit in the afternoon and then Daddy grilled out for dinner.  Aunt J, Uncle B and W joined us in the evening and it was really a nice but low key celebration.  The day before we had a big surprise "for GAR" and went to the Maurice Sendak exhibit at the Breman where you both greatly enjoyed sliding into the giant bowl of Chicken Soup with Rice.  And on Sunday we had some park time and then I actually got some nice alone time with my sis!

So, a little bit about you at this age, BP2.  You are at about 33.5 inches and 27 pounds, and you are still a ball of nonstop energy.  Your speaking is getting better every day even though it's hard for anyone but us (and often us too) to understand you.  You imitate most of what we say and will repeat anything at the direction of your big sister, so it's always fun just to hear your intonation of mature phrases.  I love that you still have pure, raw emotions and express them as immediately and openly as you can .  .  . screaming "Daddy" and running to the door when you hear him pull in; stubbornly (or maybe just persistently) trying to put your doll's shoes on all by yourself; and of course, using your favorite word - "no" - at every opportunity.  The other day I'm pretty sure you said your first sentence that was longer than 3 words, which occurred when you were bouncing on the seat of your new picnic table and then you said "Ow! .  .  . I hurt .  .  . my tushy."  Clearly you are a baby genius.  For whatever reason you are very good about saying "thank you" when given something.  But when you are trying to communicate what you want, and we don't understand, it's not pretty.  There have been some recent episodes that involved you angrily throwing your dinner on the floor (and a subsequent, lengthy time out, of course).  Still you have wonderful facial expressions including one where you try to be serious and then break out into a huge smile.  And then, there is our favorite, the Incredible Hulk move, where you ball your hands into fists, scrunch up your face and pose like a wrestler trying to intimidate his opponent.  You started doing this completely on your own but of course after we watched it several times we now encourage it constantly.  So bizarre yet precious.

BP1, I haven't forgotten about you.  You are thrilled at the moment because you moved up to Mighty Meteorites a few weeks ago and you're so excited to officially be in Pre-K.  Your favorite activity in the world is attending birthday parties (which is good, because that's pretty much all we do.)  You are at such a fun age and the confusing thing about it for me is that you more or less speak like an adult, so I always have to keep in mind that you don't actually have the cognitive skills of a 30-year-old.  It cracks me up to hear you use grown-up phrases that you have clearly picked up from us.  Tonight, since Daddy is headed to Las Vegas, you said to me "Mommy, I wish someone was here to help you."  I told you - and I meant it - that you are the best helper I could ask for. You are happy to take on responsibilities (for the most part, anyway - you seem to think you can easily supervise BP2 yet you frequently have an issue with setting the table).  You continue to be an excellent big sister even though you don't like the fact that BP2 always wants to play with whatever you have in your hands at that moment.  You asked if we could get a pet and were perfectly satisfied when I explained that BP2 is our pet.  (Don't take that the wrong way, BP2.  Of course you are your own person.  But you are still so soft and snuggly that it's possible for us to occasionally mistake you for a bunny.)

Daddy and I really have such a wonderful time with both of you.  I know I tend to be overly positive in these posts (probably because I write them while you are sleeping) so to be clear, no, you are not perfect.  You both have your issues with following instructions and there is plenty of disciplining in our house.  But we know how fortunate we are to have two girls who, deep down, are genuinely sweet and loving and truly seem to want to do the right thing most of the time.  While I can see already that there are some major standoffs in our future (you were created by the two most stubborn people on the planet, after all) I hope that deep down you never change.

I love you both, sweet baby girls.  Keep sleeping soundly through the storm outside and have the sweetest dreams.



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