Dear Baby Princesses,

You're both growing so fast that I'm overwhelmed by it.

As usual, it's been way too long since I've written and there's too much to say. But I'll do my best. BP1, you just turned 5 and you're so excited about that. Like last year, we did your party at Champion Kids, but with a Super Bowl theme this year. (Since your Daddy always has a Super Bowl party, you wanted one as well.) You had a fantastic time and it was easy for us, so a win all around.

On your actual birthday, Daddy and I brought munchkins to school, then took you to buy a bike. After that we picked up BP2 and went to your favorite pizza place for dinner, and then came home to open presents. Quite a day. So I think you've gotten in your fair share of celebrating, but you appreciate all of it so much that I'm okay with overdoing it a bit at this age.

You are an amazing kid and I'm constantly wondering what goes on in your mind. I try not to tell you what your personality is, because I'm not a believer in trying to box in kids to particular categories. But in the hopes that you are actually reading this years from now, I want to give you a sense of what you are like at this stage. You tend to be shy in new situations; today we were at a birthday party where Spiderman came to play games with all of the kids and you were not interested in participating. But I like that you know your own mind; as a product of the two most stubborn people on the planet, you've inherited both the good and the bad elements of that stubbornness. You are sweet, polite, well-behaved and eager to please, and in a situation where you're comfortable (like school, or in any group of people that you know well) you tend to shine. Once you learn about something, you like to re-explain it to me as if I wasn't the one who told you in the first place. You also have a frighteningly good memory for random details (the festival at the church across the street is going on today, and you said to me "Do you think they're cooking the barbecue in one place and selling it somewhere else, like last year?" You continue to be a fantastic big sister and while the two of you certainly have your moments, for the most part you and BP2 play really well together.

BP2, your development over the past couple of months has been truly astounding. Seemingly overnight you are communicating in full sentences, and responding to questions and such completely appropriately. The other night I was changing your diaper, and as usual I told you who was on there. "It's Big Bird!" I said. "No!" You responded. " I want Elmo!" So, maybe not the exact sentiment I was looking for, but that was a pretty incredible conversation for a 2-year-old. And make no mistake, many elements of your personality are quintessential 2-year-old. You use the word "No" a LOT and currently your tantrums are not going over well at school. I'm wondering if perhaps you're not getting enough sleep, because when you are in a good mood, you are cheerful, effervescent, snuggly and just genuinely full of joy. There are moment where I want to keep you at this age forever because I love the unbridled enthusiasm and happiness that you experience, your passion for singing "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" and your ABCs, your applause when you finish the song. You often run up and fling your arms around people's legs - sometimes without knowing who they are. But the gesture always brings a huge smile from the hug's recipient. You are insistent that you can do pretty much anything yourself (whether you actually can or not), such as buckling yourself into your carseat or getting yourself dressed. And of course you absolutely must do anything that your big sister is doing.

The two of you are so much fun right now, and I'm a little panicked about what will happen when you lose that little kid view of the world. I love your confidence, and your excitement about all of the little details of every day. I suppose all I can do is enjoy these moments for what they are and know that there is always going to be good in you at any age.

I love you both very much and hope you are having a great nap. I really will write again soon.


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