First flight... and it went as bad as you'd fear!

We flew to my MIL's yesterday with our 4.5 year old and our six-week-old baby, who cried for about half of the two hours we were on the plane. It was most unfortunate!! We booked the flight before we realized that 6pm was her fussy time... Guess what time our plane left? 6:04 pm :( We should have remembered from how my son always cried at dinner time but that was a long time ago! At one point I took her to the bathroom to change her diaper and she actually calmed down so much that I wanted to hang out in the airplane bathroom indefinitely, lol. Thank goodness that airplanes are loud with white noise and that most people were plugged into their gadgets with headphones on... I was very happy to get off of that airplane!

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Comment by mari on February 4, 2015 at 4:37am
I had my first plane ride with my 11month old last yr and was scared tht he was gonna b crying luckily he slept the whole flight was early ee got there by 4am left by we r planning a trip to fl and it will b b4 his 2 yr old bday kinda of nervous about it hopefully it goes as good as the first 1 eish me luck

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