Dear Baby Princesses,

I need you both to nap for a while so I can catch you up.

BP2, let me start with you this time. You are 16 months old and such a huggable delight. Your sweet smile lights up your whole face, and we all love to make you laugh. You're at the phase where you can't really talk yet, but you understand everything and love to participate. The other day we were talking about BP1's letter of the week in her class: O. We all raised our arms to form Os and you threw your hands up over your head and screeched gleefully. The other night when I was helping your big sister into her pajamas, you went over to the lotion bottle and pretended to get lotion and rub it into your hands and all over your arms. You get super frustrated too, of course, because you can't always communicate what you want. You are doing well with the basic signs, and you still say "Uh-oh" a lot. You also say "Ma ma ma" constantly which sometimes seems to refer to me, sometimes to your big sister and sometimes to something totally unrelated. You have also said something that sounds like "no" on occasion and you certainly know how to vehemently shake your head. But still, I know there are times we don't understand what you really want (or we do understand, and we just can't give it to you). You are a little daredevil with running, jumping, climbing and of course you want to do absolutely everything your big sister does. Last night I took you upstairs to get you ready for bed and you climbed up on her step stool to brush your teeth. You seem to have nonstop energy and sitting with a group isn't really your thing, but sometimes when it's just you and me (and you're exhausted) you'll sit in my lap for a book. Those are some of my favorite moments. You are slowly learning where your nose is and are starting to color (or, at least, attempt something with crayons outside of eating them).

BP1, I still haven’t filled you in on your 4th birthday party! You loved every second of it and are still talking about it. At first I was reluctant to do it at the same place all of your friends have their birthdays, but it was exactly what you wanted and certainly super-easy for Daddy and me. You had a huge crowd and loved being the center of attention. I have to tell you my favorite moment of the day, though. One of your friends came in who is about a year older than you and a new family friend (so she does not really know any of your other friends). As soon as you saw her, you ran over and said “S! Come meet all of my friends!” And off the two of you went. I was so proud of you for recognizing that she wouldn’t know anyone and for making sure that she was comfortable. I think everyone had a really nice time and most importantly, you had exactly the Frozen party that you have been asking for. I am also very proud of you for writing thank-you notes to everyone, even if you did tell me afterwards that “for my five birthday, I don’t want presents” because of it. Sometimes you’re way too much like me.

Birthday parties have certainly dominated our social calendar lately but we did get in a day of apple picking and we’ve had a nice (if really fast) fall overall. We went trick-or-treating for the first time this Halloween, and BP1, you couldn’t get over how much fun it was. You were Elsa, like all other girls ages 3-8. (BP1, or shall I say Cinderella, you were in your stroller but were surprisingly awake and engaged the whole time.) The two of you also went to Boo at the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa D the weekend before Halloween, which I’m told was also a pretty big success. Daddy and I went to Savannah for M and M’s wedding that weekend, which marks the first time that the two of us have completely left town together and without kids since BP1 was born. That is NOT okay, and I hope we do that more often from here on out. Obviously things have been a little crazy the last few years, but it’s still no excuse for us not taking the time to do that. We love the two of you more than anything but taking time away for our marriage is important for all of us as a family.

BP1, you are more or less a grownup now. Okay, not really, but it’s incredible how much you really can do on your own (you want, of course, to do everything on your own). You tell me that you need privacy in the bathroom. You ask all the time what words mean or what something is in Spanish. And you still say amazingly hysterical things like “I really love my hairbrush, Mommy. I named it Sara Bareilles.” You are so much fun.

The big news of late, BP1, is that you are going in for surgery again on Wednesday. They’ll do the arthrogram to start, and based on how your cartilage looks, they’ll likely do either a Salter or a Dega Osteotomy. You’ll probably be in the spica again for about six weeks, and we’re a little nervous but we’ll figure it out. It may not be as easy this time to get you into a car or a stroller, so it could be a whole new challenge. But we figured it out last time, and that was for eighteen weeks. We’ll make it work no matter what. I just hope you are not in too much pain. These are the hardest things to do as a parent, and I’m dreading that moment that they take you in on a stretcher. But I also know that this is your best chance at not having to deal with this later in life, so it’s as good of a decision as we can make.

Baby Princesses, that’s it for now. Forgive me for not writing more often; it is hard to find the time to do everything I want to do, and spending time with the two of you trumps everything else. But I want you to have this record, however sporadic, a little later in life to know what it was like to be your mom when you were precious sweet girls. (You’ll still be that way when you’re teenagers, right?)

I love you, baby girls.


P.S. And I almost forgot to say Happy Birthday to both of your grandpas! Papa today, and Grumpy on the 21st. I hope they both like the cards you made them!

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