Dear Baby Princesses,

It's been more than a month since I wrote; everything and nothing has happened.

You both seem to change and grow every day. BP2, you are now more than 13 months old. We are waiting for the magical day when you start walking on your own; you are definitely capable of doing it but you haven't realized that yet. So you are on your feet a good portion of the time but always holding on or pushing something. On the Saturday of your birthday party (June 28) we were all sitting around opening gifts afterward and we heard you say, for the first time, "Uh-oh!" That is still your only recognizable word but I imagine that others are not far behind. You had a fantastic birthday party, by the way, if I do say so myself. Daddy and I were wondering aloud if we finally manged to find the correct balance of planning and fun with just making things easy (which means we will probably tank the next party). We did it at a pizza place nearby so the food and drinks were taken care of. The theme was soccer since it was during the World Cup, and we basically just ordered a bunch of little soccer-themed toys and between that and the standard stuff at the pizza place (chalkboard walls, crayons, dough) all of the kids were pretty entertained. The only slight glitch was that you woke up with your standard fever, but we filled you with Motrin and you rallied pretty well. By the time we got to your cake you basically just wanted to put your head down on the table and sleep, my poor little muffin, but I do still hope you had a great day. All of your grandparents were here along with a surprised visit from Aunt L and Uncle R. So many people turned out to celebrate you, sweet girl, and I didn't do a great job of taking pictures so I hope you'll take my word for it.

BP1, you are, as you tell everybody, "pushing 4." Every day that I think you couldn't get any cuter you prove me wrong. You ask tons of questions and want to know every single detail, and then once you think you have something figured out, you come back and tell us about it all the time. You are obsessed with Frozen, of course, and this sounds silly but you really just enjoy life. You love school, your friends, your sister, playing, books and every detail of your routine. Sometimes I see myself in you, which makes me happy and sad all at once. You are definitely a natural night owl so you never want to go to bed. I know it's annoying when you're a kid but I promise it will serve you well when you get to college. You also can sometimes be a little overwhelmed in a crowd. For example, you had a great time at R and D's birthday today, but the very last activity was rushing into a room with candy everywhere and basically battling other kids to get some. You emerged crying but with a few pieces of candy, at least. Whey you're in an environment where you're comfortable you're getting better at pushing back when necessary, but not all the time. I hope that you learn the balance of standing up for yourself when it's appropriate and leaving a situation alone when it's not worth your energy.

Soon we will head to NY for Great-Grandma M's 90th birthday. I am SO excited to see everyone, especially my cousins and such who I never really get to spend time with (and many of whom the two of you have never met).

And that's really it for the moment, my princesses. That's what I mean when I say that everything and nothing has happened . . . nothing earth-shattering,but that's how I prefer things. I get to focus on the little moments with the two of you, which is my favorite part of every day.

I love you, sweet babies.


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