Dear Baby Princess,

You are a big sister!

Baby Princess #2 was born on June 30, 2013.  It comes as no great surprise to me (and probably everyone else) that I haven't gotten my act together to post since then, but of course it has been a wonderful and chaotic time and I'll never be able to share everything that has happened.  I am now back at work and we are all beginning to settle into a routine, so I'm hoping to write a little more often and hopefully catch up on the highlights.

So, what that means is that this is now a shared blog for my two little princesses.  While I love the idea of maintaining one for each of you, that's just not realistic.  And I imagine that so many of our experiences will be shared from now on, that it would be repetitive anyway.  So I hope you are okay with sharing, and that you know how much I love each of you individually and as my sweet girls.

I started this blog initially because I wanted to have a place to record milestones.  And yesterday, BP2, you rolled over for the first time.  We were at the doctor's office, actually, and we had just finished telling them that you had not rolled over yet.  Truth be told, the past few weeks have been so crazy that we've been remiss in doing tummy time, in part because we know you're doing it at school every day.  While the doctor was chatting with us she put you on your stomach, and you pushed up on your arms and tried to roll yourself right off the table (fortunately the doctor caught you).

BP1, I didn't have this blog the first time you rolled over.  But based on what I know was happening that day, I can look back and tell you that it was January 15, 2011.  Daddy was out of town and I was at L's baby shower, so Grandma and Grandpa M were watching you.  The first time you rolled over was on your changing table for them .  .  . and then of course you did it for us multiple times after that.  I was sad to miss out on that "first" but it's nice that your grandparents got to share it with you.

Both of you are in great stages now and make me smile and teary every day.

BP1, here is my favorite thing you say right now: "When I get big, I can go to work with you and I can bring my Dora cup in case I need water and you can bring your Buzz cup in case you need coffee."  As you can see from that example, your language is growing in leaps and bounds.  And it melts my heart any time you tell me you want to do something like me, or when you talk about when you get big or how you want to be taller.  I'm well aware that a decade from now (or sooner) you will probably loathe the idea of being anything like me, so I'm truly soaking it in while I can. Not to mention that since I constantly experience the working mom struggle of wondering if I should be home with you, it's nice to feel, just for a moment, that I am serving as a positive role model for you if you want or need to be a working mom yourself someday.

BP2, you are an incredibly soft, sweet, smiley baby.  Everyone who meets you comments on how much hair you have and on your adorable smile.  You're at a stage where you're really interactive and I think starting to recognize people .  .  . though you still smile at everyone.  For the most part you seem to have grown out of the newborn crying-for-no-reason stage, but we are in the phase of letting you cry it out at night.  It's probably 10 minutes a night but is always excruciating, so please stop doing that soon.  I loved every minute of being home with you for maternity leave and I miss you so much now, but you seem to be doing well at school and I hope you really do enjoy it.  I will post your birth story soon, but that's for another day.

And one last thing before I go - I have to mention the trip we just took to Disney World with Mommy's whole family.  BP1, you loved every minute of it .  .  . spending time with  your cousins, having breakfast with Minnie Mouse, going on the rides.  Of course, when we ask you now what your favorite part was, you say "riding on the train" (the monorail).  We all had a truly fantastic time and Daddy and I are already talking about when we can go back.  You both looked adorable in your Minnie and princess costumes (we have to print the photos to go in your autograph books) and those will work well for Halloween now.  And BP2, you were a trooper - overwhelmingly cheery and well-behaved throughout.  Especially on the flights, which everyone really appreciated.

I love you both more than you could possibly know.  Hope you are having a great day at school - tomorrow is the weekend!  Looking forward to a quick trip to the outlets with the two of you, followed by a UVA victory over Georgia Tech and some quality time with Aunt L, Uncle R and M.  Wahoowah!



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Comment by Katie, Mom365 Host on October 31, 2013 at 6:01pm

That's great that she's really taking to being a big sister! I hope my son will be as gracious :)

Comment by Baby Princess' Mom on October 30, 2013 at 7:42am

Thank you, Katie!  And congratulations to you, too!  We are very lucky and BP1 has been great .  .  . loves her sister and very sweetly interacts with her, but still very helpfully does her own thing when we need to focus on BP2 for a minute.

Comment by Katie, Mom365 Host on October 25, 2013 at 5:12pm

Congrats on your new baby girl! How's BP1 taking the arrival of BP2?

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