5 best ways to shed post-holiday weight gain

The holidays are over and it's past time to reign it in. Check out our faves and let us know yours!

  1. The Perfect Postnatal Workout DVD
    Karyne Steben, one of the famed Steben twin trapeze artists and a longtime Cirque du Soleil performer, has come up with a fun workout for moms to do with their babies. As your baby gets heavier, the workout gets more challenging. Karyne made this DVD when her daughter Azia was 7 weeks old. One week later she returned to the circus!
  2. Pound, a new workout from Crunch
    Via Vital Juice, we just learned about a new workout at Crunch developed by a pair of girl drummers. Check out the video - you should get enough clues to let you do this at home with wooden spoons.

    Health Month helps you set your goals and then turns them into a game, with a prize at the end (sorry - you have to give yourself the prize). You can choose diet or exercise or both, and because it's a social game in which you join a team, you get some support along the way. Good luck!
  4. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker for iPhone
    Scan a barcode, enter and save your favorite meals, record your walks and workouts - MyFitnessPal's calorie counter will add it all up and tell you how much you're adding and how much you're burning. You can sync it to your computer, access it offline and share your progress with your bestie. No excuses, mama.
  5. Fitness mag's 10-minute rope-jumping workout
    This one's not for new moms - check with your doc if you've given birth recently. Here's the sweet thing about jumping rope (besides the fact that it's schoolyard fun): It burns calories fast - 13 calories a minute - so your 10-minute workout while the LO is briefly busy can be effective to the max. 

 What's your favorite workout or diet aid? Tell us in the comments box below.

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Comment by Katie, Mom365 Host on January 7, 2012 at 5:29pm

For me, I'm vowing to buy fewer carb-heavy snacks! If I don't have access to crackers/pretzels/cereal, I just won't eat it, but if they're around, I'm the ultimate grazer--I am perfectly happy eating dry cereal out of a box, lol. This resolution is a bit hard when you have a snack-loving 2 -year-old, but he should probably be munching on more fruits and veggies anyway. 

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