Dear Baby Princesses,


Happy New Year!


Well, in an unsurprising turn of events, a lot has happened since I last wrote.  It’s hard to even know where to begin but maybe I’ll talk about the more recent stuff first.


Yesterday both of your schools closed early due to the threat of winter weather.  While the coating of ice we ended up with did not necessarily justify the city-wide pilfering of grocery stores and closing/postponement of every activity and party we had planned for the weekend, it was probably best to play it safe.  We have been home all day and it was really nice just to have a relaxing day with you, especially because Daddy let me sleep in this morning.  You played with tons of toys including your recently-arrived Chanukah presents from Aunt M, which included a headband-making kit and the apparently scream-with-laughter-entertaining Yeti in Spaghetti game.  And after a quiet dinner we enjoyed the hot chocolate that is more or less mandatory when there is “snow” on the ground.


The half day yesterday was actually only the second day back at school for BP1 after quite an extensive winter break.  Both of you had an amazing time in New York, where you played happily with all of your cousins and got to meet your newest cousin, N!  We saw some very good friends, missed seeing others and especially enjoyed visiting Grandma and Grandpa D and Great-Grandma M.  Our time there is never long enough but it’s nice to do what we can, and we’re hoping to be back up in September if not sooner.


Oh, and the big news – M and G got engaged over the break!  We are all so excited to have G become a part of our family and it it’ll be a lot of fun celebrating the two of them.  This is really the first couple where the two of you have an awareness of their progression (BP2 may never remember them as anything but married, but BP1 has had lots of questions about their status along the way).  We haven’t seen them in person since the big moment but are so excited to hear all of the details.


After New York we were home for a few days, which somehow flew by.  Daddy was working for most of that time so it was just the girls, and we both relaxed at home and did a decent amount of errands.  We had a group of friends over for New Year’s Eve, then spent New Year’s Day at B and S’s house.  When Mommy, Daddy and BP2 went back to their normal weekly activities on Tuesday of that week, BP1 went to martial arts camp.


So, martial arts camp.  I’m struggling a bit with this one, BP1.  You are a kid who likes essentially everything, and we figured this would be a good childcare solution because you’ve enjoyed the martial arts you did at birthday parties, and you were signed up for the camp with several of your friends.  But you came home really unhappy the first day.  Apparently you did not actually do any martial arts, and you also had some sort of altercation with C that resulted in your getting a “warning” (so rarely does anyone have to discipline you that when it happens, you are always devastated).  After a night where I struggled to sleep we sent you back the next day as planned, and your report from the second day was much better.  You even said that you would like to go back another time.  It was really strange – a completely different experience the second day (when, yes, you actually did karate) than it was the first.  It sounded like things were just much more organized.  So .  .  . what do I do now?  Send you back here and there for vacation camps when I need childcare, since it is the right price, location, hours, etc.?  Or not, since there was at least one day when they couldn’t get their act together?  You and your sister are the most precious thing in my life and it terrifies me that I am responsible for your safety and well-being.  Is the worst-case scenario at a place like this that you are bored, or is it that you are unsafe?  And how do I know?


We did make some progress over the break on your summer plans, and I do think you’ll have fun at the camps we have mapped out (fingers crossed).  You are really excited to try some of the activities, and I’m hoping we’ve done a good job of letting you try a variety of stuff while still giving you some consistency.  We’ve got a few more registrations to get through but we’ll see how it all goes.


Oh, and in the ongoing attempt overschedule you both as much as possible, we caved and gave BP1 ballet/jazz lessons for Chanukah.  The first class was this past week and you were so excited, sweet girl, and had an absolutely great time.  We were going to do ballet and tap but you did a ballet and jazz class with cousin J over the break and were then very insistent about the jazz component.  So, we are doing something unprecedented in our world – a weeknight activity.   We’ll see how this goes, since somehow kindergarten still seems a bit overwhelming to manage (for me, not for you) even though we’re more than halfway through the year.


BP2, you were also thrilled with your Chanukah gifts, mainly the extremely simple Peppa Pig and her camper that you got from my friend S at work.  Oh, and you haven’t stopped putting together and taking apart a puzzle you got from Grandma and Grandpa D. 


And I know I write this all the time but I really, truly can’t believe how much you both grow and mature every day.  BP1, we were listening to you read tonight, and absolutely marveling over the progress you’ve made in a few short months.  There are so many words that I think will trip you up that you sail right over.  BP2, when I came to school to get you early yesterday, you were finishing up your meal.  You smiled and said “Mommy, did you want to have a little lunch with me?”  Melted my heart.


Despite the infrequency with which I write here, I hope you know that I love you more than anything and always want to make the best possible decisions for you both.  Here’s hoping that 2017 will bring hugs and wonder to us all!


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