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First flight... and it went as bad as you'd fear!

We flew to my MIL's yesterday with our 4.5 year old and our six-week-old baby, who cried for about half of the two hours we were on the plane. It was most unfortunate!! We booked the flight before we realized that 6pm was her fussy time... Guess what time our plane left? 6:04 pm :( We should have remembered from how my son always cried at dinner time but that was a long time ago! At one point I took her to the bathroom to change her diaper and she actually calmed down so much that I wanted to… Continue

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What I'm Thankful For

I don't take enough time to be grateful... in fact, usually I'm more prone to feeling like "I need more" instead of "I am so lucky for what I have." So I'm taking a moment to express some gratitude for my truly wonderful life.

Today I'm thankful for:

  • My wonderful husband, who's funny and smart and handsome and supportive and loving. I love him! Meeting him was the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • My sweet, sweet four-year-old, who is such a good boy every…

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Some news, I'm pregnant!

I've been dying to share some news with the community: we're having another baby, yay! I'm pretty superstitious about these things so I had to wait until I was out of the first tri to tell you (we had a loss last fall which made me extra cautious about announcing it to anyone).

I'm due on Valentine's Day; our son will be four and a half. We wanted them to be closer but some secondary infertility issues rendered that impossible... in fact we had completely given up on having a second…


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Ding dong, the holidays are over!

Christmas and New Year's are behind us, phew! I enjoy celebrating and being with family, but we all know there's no vacation from being a mom. Over the holidays, my husband is off work, and all of my son's activities are canceled; that should mean more help and less running around for me, right? I think we all know the answer to that :) Although we did go to my in-laws for a few days where we were able to enjoy a bit of "grandma daycare", in general these past two weeks have meant more work…


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Terrifying, inspiring quote!

I can't stop thinking about this quote I saw on Pinterest the other day: "The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice" by Peggy O'Mara. Is this not so true for you?! I still hear my mother in my head (probably more so now that I'm a mom, since of course I've turned into her more than I would like to admit!). I'm now so conscious of the fact that what I say and do is going to influence my son forever and ever, lol! The things I do and say that are good, the things I do and say…


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Our snacks are your snacks

Here's a funny thing my mom friends and I all do: we all say apologize profusely to each other when our kid is mooching snacks from their kid. It doesn't matter that their kid chowed all of our graham crackers and goldfish the last time we got together, or that we consider toddler snacks to be community food and pack accordingly. We all get together at least twice a week, so there's plenty of "snack payback time." Not that anyone's keeping score...I don't think? I'm not anyway. (I guess I…


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Birth control pills recalled!

Pzifer just announced a recall of a million packs of pills. Apparently they misordered some of the pills in the packs and so women taking these pills are at higher risk of unplanned pregnancy. See if your pills are among the affected here.

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The new normal: A tantrum (or three) a day

My 27-month-old son has definitely arrived in the terrible 2's...everything is no! He doesn't want to leave the house, then he doesn't want to leave wherever we are (if it's a play place)--he almost always throws a tantrum, and I'm left carrying a screaming, flailing boy outside. I imagine people we pass by thinking, "wow, poor boy must have such a terrible home life," since he's screaming no home! no home! over and over at the top of his lungs (and I probably look like I am about to murder…


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2012: Get back the ME!

I went back to the office part-time after my son was born, and I have to say, I loved it. Four hours of work/dressing like a grownup/exposure to the world with adults; the rest of the day with my son (and all the shopping, housework,etc). That was the way to go.

Now I work part-time from home, mostly while my son naps, and I like that too. But sometimes part of me feels a bit like I am missing out on adult conversation with non-parents, and the ideas, trends, and inspirations that I…


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Passing time with toddlers

A great discussion is taking place in the Stay At Home Moms group about what, exactly, people do with their babies and toddlers ALL DAY LONG. Because the days, especially in the winter, can get a little long, right, mamas?

For my son and I, it’s all about getting out of the house - not because he needs to so much, but because I do. It’s my way of being there for…


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Fun ways to guess gender

Is there really any accurate way to guess a baby’s gender if you just can’t wait for that 20-week sonogram? That’s what some mamas are debating in the Pregnancy Forum. Some ways they’ve suggested: swing a pendulum or wedding ring over your pregnant belly and see which way it swings (circular for a girl, straight for a boy), or check your cupboard: sweet cravings mean girl, a boy wants salty…


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CLOSED: Book of the Month: "I Want My Hat Back"

UPDATE 11/7/11: This contest is closed and we are notifying the winner. Thanks for entering!


To enter to win a copy of book, post a comment below telling us which of your kid's books you like as much as your kid does.

Hats, and animals with tails, are some of my just…


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Meet the community's Star Moms!

Hey everyone! I'd better introduce myself first since I kind of snuck into the community back in May. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a SAHM with a little boy who turns 2 this week! Before he was born, I lived with my husband in NYC and worked in marketing and publishing. Now, we live in Seattle and I am happy to be a host here in the Our365 community (you'll see me mostly in the groups). 
But enough about me, this post is all about introducing our new Star…

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Book of the Month: “Whoo Loves You?”

Introducing the Book of the Month pick and giveaway. THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED.

To enter to win a copy of the book, post a comment below telling us what or who your little one loves.

“Whoo Loves You?” By Sandra Magsamen

Babies and…


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