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mommy's little MAN

mommy of: Jayce Adriel

Age:a year and a half


I have myself a little man on my hands. i dont consider him little boy, just my little man. it's too funny to see how he's so sure of things. For an example, for me to get him to settle for a little, just 20 minutes, so i can get some cleaning done i pop in Tarzan 2 (with zugore), which is his favorite movie. he will find his little chair plop it right in front of the TV and sit and watch it. move his little shoulders and…


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Dr. Jen Is In: How to help your toddler get used to the potty

My daughter turns two at the beginning of November and we would like to start potty training her pretty soon. However, she is very, very afraid of the potty. I think it is the flushing that scares her to death since she says, "Flush it?! Flush it?!" and then runs in the opposite direction whenever we flush it. What should I do to encourage her to use the potty (starting with the little potty) without traumatizing her? -Jamie 

First of all, your almost…


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The reason why my son is already a lawyer.

Ah, the art of negotiation. It fosters heavy communication. It helps create debate. It's the drive that helps us develop our skills to survive as human beings.

And its my toddler's way of making me pull my hair out. 

He's a smart little cookie, that toddler of mine. At 3 and 1/2 he has learned that his talking skills and asking questions skills have prepped him for wearing us down. 

I think I have mad patience. I can stand up strong to him and look down at those sweet…


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Family-friendly cookbook supports Japan relief efforts

It's been more than three months since a massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan - so long, you've probably forgotten the Japanese families who are still trying to rebuild their lives. Not so the 56 top food bloggers and cookbook writers who've been busy making a…


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