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Mixed baby

Okay so I have a 6 month old beautiful mixed baby boy his dad is black and 25% Puerto Rican and I'm white I'm so sick of the rude comments we get though people say there's no way my son is his because he looks too white and it's getting on my nerves so much people just are annoying me I can tell he's mixed and he looks just like his daddy!!… Continue

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Your First Language

Dear Baby Princess,

Your language has become truly incredible.

Yes, I am intellectually aware that you are not the first two-year-old in the world to begin to really master language, and I realize that I find it impressive simply because I'm your mom.  In fact, I just saw your friend A in San Antonio (her parents were sweet enough to make the drive over from Houston for the afternoon), and she, too, is talking up a storm.  But at the same time, it is just such a…


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Sleeping Woes

Dear Baby Princess,


Please don't think that the time lapse between posts means that you're not important.


In fact, you're so important that spending actual time with you in person trumps spending time in front of the computer writing about you.  And outside of you, of course, there's been a lot going on.  I'll never catch you up on everything, but at least this is a start. 


So the title of this post refers to the fact that for more or less the…


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New to the forum and new to motherhood!

My name is Rachel and I am a new mom. My son James was born April 5th, just one day before his due date! He is now 7 weeks old and me, well I am kind of a mess. I get almost no house work done, because James needs to be entertained. I'd like to know how other mom's have handle these first few months and what I can do to keep my baby content without constantly holding him.

Added by Rachel Zlamal on May 24, 2013 at 10:46pm — 3 Comments

Working Mom Blues and the Mom Who Regrets her Children


I use "working" moms for a lack of a better term to refer to moms who work outside the home. All moms are working moms. After I had my son I returned back to work out of necessity. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. If a family is able to live off of one income in today's economy or has the financial support from family or circumstances that enable it then I am more than happy for them.…


Added by Cooper's Mommy on April 12, 2013 at 12:30pm — 4 Comments

Faraway Princess

Dear Baby Princess,

I am missing you tonight!

I am in San Antonio for a conference, and you are, of course, at home.  Actually, it's a pretty rare night, because I am out of town and Daddy happens to be out for the evening at the NCAA Championship game (Michigan vs. Louisville, in case I have trouble remembering years from now .  .  . though your Daddy will never forget that kind of thing).  I got to fulfill my lifelong dream on Saturday by going to the Final…


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Your Name

Dear Baby Princess,

For the first time today, you said your full name!

Okay, maybe that doesn't seem like a huge milestone (by they time you're reading this, I would hope it'll be a commonplace occurrence).  But it's just one example of how drastically your communication has changed over the last couple of months.  You narrate everything you do, not to mention asking questions and offering commentary on what everyone else is doing!  Now that your car seat faces…


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Baby Daddy & I

May 15, 2010 (Officially dating)

We actually met when I was 14, he 16. My father lived across the street from him & his family. I must say, when I first saw him, I knew he had to be mine. That wasn't the case. I was probably the most annoying girl he has ever met, I texted him everyday even if I had nothing to say, I would text him and then tell him I meant to send it to someone else even when I didn't. He was in love with another girl who wouldn't give him the time of day. Then…


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amazing mothers

one thing i do love seeing is a community where moms are all united. going through everything and sometimes losing everything. i love the fact that i can come here and read other amazing mom stories and read what some mom went through that almost sounds like what i went through. i love the fact that im not the only one who has these feelings and im not the only one who is going through it. i love that i know im not alone...

Added by premo33 on February 12, 2013 at 12:22am — 1 Comment

Why I don't keep girls as friends

Men are so easy to get along with! Girls are the problem. See girls do thing like talk about you via text message while your in the same room, but don't say a word to you. They give you that god awful vibe that their talking shit, and of course you know that its about you because 1) they won't look you in the eye. 2) They'll start giving you dirty looks. 3) They'll laughing and when you ask why they say "nothing". 4) They aren't messaging you.

This is why I prefer to stay around…


Added by triciaphalen on February 1, 2013 at 6:19am — 4 Comments

Caring for kids

I have a serious problem with myself. Maybe I care to much, or maybe I am justified. I dunno, you can decide.

My 'friend' Junell has a 4 month old daughter, which she formula feeds. I feel really terrible for this little one.

Her parents rarely hold her, play with her, or hand feed her. What I mean by that is that they sit her in her swing every time that she is hungry and they put a blanket on her stomach and prop up a bottle and walk away. They don't talk to her while she…


Added by triciaphalen on February 1, 2013 at 7:19am — 1 Comment

The Winding Mind

It's crazy to think that just a measly 3 Months ago my son was born, now he is laughing, and cooing, just started to roll over, and is overall very healthy! I just love him so much. He's creeping and holding his head up. I think the most diffult time that I have is getting him to sleep. He never sleeps before 4 am. I am trying a new tactic right now. I just put him in his Crib as if its bedtime. I plan on getting up at 8 or 9 ish tomorrow because I have to turn him around before we move to…


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Hi. New to the forum. This is my story. :-)

Hi everyone. I'm new to these forums. I have 4 kids & was told by doctors, I wouldn't be able to have ANY....well,they were wrong! REALLY wrong!!

My first born son (now 15) was a twin. I lost one in the 4th month. Immediately after, I became prego with my daughter (now almost 14)...I had a vback, worst pain of my life! Then we let nature take its course, and I had my 3rd child (daughter)in 2004. We were DONE!!! Hubby got his vesectomy . 7yrs post vesectomy my body wasn't feeling… Continue

Added by Maria Prussen-mckay on January 23, 2013 at 7:29am — 4 Comments

Catching Up

Dear Baby Princess,

I can't believe it's been two months since I've written.

Well, actually I can.  Things have been a little crazy lately and there simply hasn't been time for anything extraneous .  .  . it's not just you, sweet girl.  In fact, spending actual time with you is one of the few things that has remained a priority.  I know I'm not going to be able to tell you every single thing that's happened in the last couple of months, but let's see if I can…


Added by Baby Princess' Mom on January 19, 2013 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

Cry me a river

NO!!!!! I can't believe how horrible things have gotten. I am crying so hard right now. I had to give my son that awful formula. I am not making any breast milk and I don't know why, I am pumping and nothing come out. I put him on the boob and he'll feed for a few seconds then pop off and cry. I am getting more and more depressed by the minute. What am I supposed to do? All I can do is cry. I can't even feed him the bottle because I am so upset. I had to hand it over to his dad. Help me…


Added by triciaphalen on January 14, 2013 at 4:58am — 3 Comments

Sick baby means no time for momma...

My poor pumpkin. He has to go to the bronchitis clinic here in Kansas at least 1-4 times a day because he is so congested. All he has been doing is eating and sleeping, and pottying and sleeping. I feel so bad because he is so sick...Poor little man! On the bright side of things he is weighing in at 13 lbs 7 oz and is 24 inch long. Recently, he has started to laugh and trying to keep his head lifted. I feel bad though. I don't want to put him on the ground because he is so sick, so no tummy…


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Birthing story!

My husband and i were set on the day for my sons birth it was my grandfathers birthday, (my grandfather passed aways a few years ago) I had asked the doctor to be enduced on that day, it was approved yay! i was so happy

The day comes so fast it was like a blink, we had my mom with me and my husbands parents drove in so they were going to be there for this baby(i have a son that is 3 that they had missed the birth) we leave early so everyone could eat some breakfast but me, my time for…


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Hate Him, Hate Myself.

Maybe I am just a full blown idiot! I mean come on! The father of my son is just begging for me to go off on him. I recently found out that he's been smoking in the same area as my son! Not only that but he is sick with the same crap as I had and he is getting pissed because I asked him to watch my DS while I ran to the store for some supplies. He didn't let me rest even though I was sick with a fever and had a head cold for a minute even though there was milk stored in the fridge. NO, I was…


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5 best ways to shed post-holiday weight gain

The holidays are over and it's past time to reign it in. Check out our faves and let us know yours!

  1. The Perfect Postnatal Workout DVD

    Karyne Steben, one of the famed Steben twin trapeze artists and a longtime Cirque du Soleil performer, has come up with a fun workout for…

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Dear Maggie,

I don't know how to start this or even begin to tell you how much I love you. You are the greatest gift I have ever received. The day you were born, mommy was so tired but very glad you were in my arms. I had been anxious to meet you. When I was eight weeks pregnant I knew you were going to be a little girl, and mommy already had your name picked out. I would talk to you all the time and rub my tummy, which you seemed to love. I remember the first time I felt your little…


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