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Missing the Target on Breastfeeding

If you've turned on a TV in the past few days or read anything online or in the paper, you know breastfeeding has been making headlines once again. This time they're not talking about the benefits, but rather where and when a woman can feed her child in public. It's all because of what happened at a Target down in Texas. A woman decided to nurse her fussy child in the women's clothing section when a few workers asked her to go to a fitting room to finish. She says some others gave her dirty…


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2012: Get back the ME!

I went back to the office part-time after my son was born, and I have to say, I loved it. Four hours of work/dressing like a grownup/exposure to the world with adults; the rest of the day with my son (and all the shopping, housework,etc). That was the way to go.

Now I work part-time from home, mostly while my son naps, and I like that too. But sometimes part of me feels a bit like I am missing out on adult conversation with non-parents, and the ideas, trends, and inspirations that I…


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Best of 2011 on Mom365

We've spent some time looking back at a years' worth of forums, blog posts, Baby News and photos - and wow! What a lot of great stuff everyone has created on Mom365. 

So, in the spirit of the new year, here we go: the best (and worst) of 2011.


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Top 10 Things You Never Say To a Pregnant Woman During the Holidays (or anytime)

It's the holidays and you're out and about feeling merry and bright with your most precious gift - baby belly -  and sure enough someone makes a Grinchlike comment that dims your holiday glow. In the spirit of giving, share this list of Top 10 Things You Never Say To a Pregnant Woman During the Holidays (or ever...), and help make the world a better place!

  1. “You're looking quite jolly in that red dress.”
  2. “Are you hiding an elf under there?”
  3. “Are you sure you…

Added by Coco Cana on December 23, 2011 at 2:30pm — 3 Comments

Take Me With You, Daddy

Dear Baby Princess,

I will never forget you wanting to go with Daddy for the first time.

Sunday, December 11, 2011.  Grandma and Grandpa M had left earlier that day.  (You had a lovely time with them, by the way.  They came over Saturday and we spent some time at the mall, and then they watched you while Daddy and I went to couple of parties that night.  Sunday we all went for a delicious brunch to…


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'Twas Two Days Before Christmas

'Twas just two days before Christmas and all around my home, everyone was stirring, no one would leave me alone.

The stockings were hung over the fireplace with care, my husband used Command hooks so no marks would be left there.

Oh,how I wish the children were all snuggled all nice in their beds, they've been bathed, they've been rocked, of course they've been fed, so why do I still have visions of them sleeping dancing in my head?

Mama's in the kitchen with still a lot to do,…


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Mommy 101

I have been thinking a lot lately about certain characteristics that make up the average, every day, mom.  I would like to dedicate this post to my current curricular content.  We're not talking math, science, language arts or anything in that realm....we're talking Mommy 101, friends!  There are plenty of benchmarks and standards that must be met in a day when you're a full time mommy.  Some days can be longer than others, but the rewards are so great that it makes even the longest of days…


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Formula vs. Breast : The Great Debate

   They are the three words that get a lot of moms all fired up…breast is best. But, is it for everyone? On the health side of it, we all know the benefits of breastfeeding your baby. There is also the emotional aspect of that intense bonding between mother and child that a bottle of Similac or Enfamil can’t buy you. That’s probably why we feel so guilty when we can’t breastfeed or feel like we just don’t want to (the horror!). As a breastfeeding mom, I can tell you there are just some days…


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Top 10 Signs You're a New Mom

You might have all the latest baby gadgets and hot new parenting book, and you're basking in the soft glow of newborn-baby bliss. But sometimes it's hard to believe that you're really "mom."

Here's a list of 10 surefire ways you can tell that you are now in The Mom's Club.

1. Everyone wants to hear about the latest color and consistency of your baby's poop – you assume.…


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Songs of The Season: While You Were Sleeping.

Songs of The Season: While You Were Sleeping.

It's a rainy Monday here in Florida.  The weather has gradually gotten cooler since this morning, and the…


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Are You Going Broke for Christmas?

  "Mommy, I want mommy, I want that...and wait, I have to have this." For the love of Christmas, this season can make you lose your mind...and a lot of money if you let it!  Chances are your kids have made their lists and now you're checking them twice to see what you can afford. Right now, I'm lucky, my kids are two months and two years old. Although my two year old can now form sentences "I want (fill in the blank)", she hasn't picked up on actually…


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Songs of The Season: I Need A Silent Night.

Songs of The Season: I Need A Silent Night.

Being a full time working mom and wife is hard.  It's tiring, and leaves you with little time (and energy) for…


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My Christmas List

Dear Santa,


I know times are tough this year and your rent in the North Pole went up along with the cost of living. You might have also lost a bit in that 401K and you also probably had to lay off a few elves, so there are less people to make all those toys. The elves you have are probably working OT or maybe you outsourced, who knows.

Whatever the case may be, the things on my list have no assembly required and don't need batteries, so you're in the clear. I know you're…


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Job Search

Dear Baby Princess,

I haven't forgotten about you.

It's been a few days since I wrote.  The truth is that I have pushed my job search (which has been going on since I started my current job, so close to 5 years) into high gear, which has just been really time consuming.  Every time I have a few minutes at lunch or in the evening I know I should be working on that, so I've been giving less attention to the blog.  But not less attention to you, sweet…


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Holiday crafts even a kid could make (kind of)

We've been seeing some sweet DIY holiday projects this year - here are our faves. Each one is easy-peezy and if you have preschoolers or grade schoolers at home, they'll be able to help.

Simple Tree Decorations

One of our go-to…


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Songs of The Season: A Baby Changes Everything.

Songs of The Season: A Baby Changes Everything.…


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Facebook removes Mom365 content - anti-mom or pro-family?

One month ago, Facebook finally removed violent rape joke pages from its network in response to 3 months of pressure - it took 200,000 petition signatures, a Twitter campaign and advertiser warnings before Facebook acted. But this past Friday, Facebook took one look at Mom365's page and promptly removed…


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Songs of The Season.

Songs of the Season.

I like themes.  In…

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