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I'm freaking out.

Wow! I am feeling so much better already! I just finished day two of my workout series and I am feeling pretty awesome I must say. My little man and I are doing awesome. However, I am a little bit concerned. Sometimes it seems like my boyfriend/baby daddy isn't bonding as well as I am with our little one. It seems almost like he rather do any other that help me out with him. Something has really been bothering me lately, almost like I don't wanna be with him anymore. I mean I love him, but…


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Bowling is for babies!

I know, I know horrible title. I when out for the first time since my DS was born. We went bowling with our roommate and his family. It was alot of fun and I just have to say, thank god for counter tops, changing pads, extra diapers and bottles. Everyone was telling me to leave my son at home with the babysitters, but I didn't and boy was I happy I didn't! He was cooing and meeting new people and he only cried when he was hungry otherwise he was awesome! I just love how well tempered he…


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A whole new life.

I baby sat for the first time last night into today since I have had my son (who is 5 almost 6 weeks). Its just crazy to think that my adoptive parents had six of us! I really can't believe it all! I'm not gonna lie, having a baby and trying to babysit was really hard at first, but as the night progressed it got easier. It really made me stop and think about five years from now. When I go to have my mirena removed when and if I get pregnant again. How am I going to deal with the little one…


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My Son the Comedian..

So I was at the doctors office for my DS one month check up, and I got him stripped down. weighed and measured. After meeting with the nurse, I was left to wait for my DS new pediatrician. He started to cry because he was hungry so I happily pulled out the breast for some BF. He immediately went to town, I switched him to the other side and he pooped in the diaper while eating, which is not unusual for him. So I finished up and pulled out a diaper, and spilled a little breast milk, (because…


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Salvation Army Mommies

Today was so interesting! I had several errands to run today and the first thing this morning was going to salvation army, I arrived and sat down in one of the chairs and pulled my DS, Jadyn out of the stroller. He was grunting a lot so I just held him. He was attracting so much attention. I swear! When I sat down all the sudden everyone turned around and started asking me all these questions about him. I just smiled and answered. He woke up after a diaper change and started to coo at all…


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Welcome Back

Dear Baby Princess,

This week has been our first attempt at returning to life pre-cast.

You are at your new daycare, and the transition has been a little rocky for all of us.  You are, of course, at an age where you now realize that you are no longer spending every day with your parents, which has become your norm.  I doubt you have any recollection of your old daycare, and even if you did, it would be a pretty big change.  So while you are still your sweet…


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Farting The Baby. B==3

I know most of you read the title going huh? That's right, I don't just burp my son, I have to fart him to. I never knew there was a way to help ease the gas of my little man until my darling boyfriend, (and father of my son) laid our son on his back and put his thumbs behind the baby's knees and pushed his knees to his nipples. Next thing you know, PPPFFFTTT! My son rips a huge fart! I just stood back shocked! I am a first time mom, and I thought I knew more about babies than daddy did. Boy… Continue

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More Baby Safety

So I am not one of "those" moms who is constantly looking for things to worry about, I can barely sleep as it is. From anxiety over what my kids are eating to be warm enough at night, there is always something to worry about. I recently read an article that surprised me about baby and toddler injuries. One of the…


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Returning to work

Why is it that I have this dark cloud hovering over me knowing I'm due to start work in a few days? This last week has been one of the hardest. Each time I look at my sweet little guy my heart melts then breaks knowing I have to leave him to go back to work. I know that he will be in good hands with family members while I'm gone. But why do I still feel so horrible about it? I'm trying my best to not let it get to me but that sense of what if he isn't feeling good, what of he crys and nothing… Continue

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Dear Daughter

Dear my sweet baby girl,


I dont think you quite understand the level of love that I have for you yet for your only a wee 6 months old. Since you came into my life I have never felt such love and pure hapiness for any one person in this…


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