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Toys that belong in the sixth circle of hell (and NOT my home)



My son has started his Christmas "I want" list and as I previously stated there are certain items that are a current no-no based on his age.


1) I'm nixing the Power Rangers and other "fighting" toys.




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Dr. Jen Is In: How to handle hitting, pushing and throwing

My sitter has been telling me that my 15-month old has been hitting, pushing, and throwing toys for the last few weeks, and last night I had the opportunity to see it for myself. I was blown away. He is apparently walking up to 4-year-olds and pushing them down. He takes toys right out of the other kids' hands, and when the sitter corrects him, he has an absolute fit! I watched him pick up a toy twice as big as him and throw it. He knocked over a big playhouse, pulled a box of…


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Day Twelve: Leftovers.

This will make you thankful for leftovers…

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Day Ten: I Luzz You's.

G back in…

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Maternity Leave...a Necessity or a Luxury?

   A woman spends nine months carrying a child. It's safe to say many women don't get that much time to stay home and bond with their baby once he or she is born. I've talked to a lot of women who have had to go back to work after just six weeks home. Six weeks...seriously? That's ridiculous. Let me break it down for you the way I see it. During the first two weeks after birth, your body is so beat up from being pregnant and labor that you can just about function. Add the duties of mothering…


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Sippy Cup Advice Needed

Dear Baby Princess,


It's not exactly major cause for concern (or even minor cause for concern) but we need some help with sippy cups.


You still prefer bottles over anything else and we're really trying to get past that, but every once in a while when you haven't drank (drunk?) enough milk from your cup we end up pouring it into the bottle.  For some reason, even though it's the exact same milk, you refuse it from the cup and can't get enough of it from the…


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The reason why my son is already a lawyer.

Ah, the art of negotiation. It fosters heavy communication. It helps create debate. It's the drive that helps us develop our skills to survive as human beings.

And its my toddler's way of making me pull my hair out. 

He's a smart little cookie, that toddler of mine. At 3 and 1/2 he has learned that his talking skills and asking questions skills have prepped him for wearing us down. 

I think I have mad patience. I can stand up strong to him and look down at those sweet…


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I was just reminiscing back on the dozens of nicknames we've had for our 2 little boys (now 3 and 6). Froggy, The Frog, Froglinton, Baby P, Little P, Panky, Little 'ol big boy, Libo and the list goes on.

What are cute and funny nicknames you use for your little guy/girl?

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Day Eight: Freedom.


So often…


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Kids say the darndest things...

Just back from a work trip last nite to find my 6yo had been doing some serious artwork and writing. One drawing was entitled "I love m family and all my friends" and was an adorable collage of stick people labelled with names and initials.

Notable, his 3yo brother was not included.

The next drawing said "Mommy, Daddy and Henry" are allowed with drawings of us 3.

The next was a "No David Allowed" sign with a picture of David (with a huge mean face drawn in) and… Continue

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The Night You Were Born, Part III

Dear Baby Princess,


I was ready to have a baby.


Earlier in the evening, of course, I was convinced that I absolutely could not have a baby, that it was just too painful, and that I needed to back out of the whole childbirth thing.  But when that epidural kicked in, I was able to smile at Daddy, to listen to what the doctors and nurses were saying, and to enjoy the fact that I was finally going to meet the amazing creature that had been swimming laps in my…


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Dr. Jen Is In: How to care for baby gums and first teeth

This is my first child so I am new to all this. My daughter is 7 months old and a couple weeks ago her first 2 teeth in the bottom front started coming through. What I am wondering is when do you start brushing? Should I start now while they are coming in or wait til they're all the way there? Right now you can only see the tops a little poking through. -Ashlee P

What a terrific question, and what a proactive mom you are for thinking ahead. Starting healthy…


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Top 10 signs you have officially arrived in Toddlerville!

One minute you have a tiny bundle of swaddled joy, and the next minute, that bundle is swinging from the cupboard door. If this sounds familiar to you, either you've already moved here or it's time to pack your bags.


Welcome to Toddlerville! We do crazy here all day long.



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The Night You Were Born, Part II

Dear Baby Princess,


It wasn't funny.


It was close to 11 pm by the time we got to Labor and Delivery and Daddy could not contain his laughter as I barked "I'm in labor" into the call box.  We made our way down to the admissions desk (no, no one even met me at the door to help me, which did not improve my mood any) and Daddy again laughed hysterically as I immediately demanded something for the pain.  The staff gently suggested that they needed to examine me…


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Day One: A Paycheck.

It's Day One of…

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A Month of Thanks.

Goodbye October, Hello November!


If there's a month I love more than October, it's November - hands down, without a doubt, no question, absolutely love it!  Could it be because it's my birthday month?  Yeah, that probably adds to it, but the eleventh month of the year has so much to offer - the…


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Happy Birthday to my twin boys!

One year ago from today, my amazing little boys were born at approximately 9:50 am.  Thus far, they have provided me an experience like no other.  I cannot even begin to describe the impact, the extra love, the amazing experiences, the double smiles, the double EVERYTHING, and so much more that goes along w/ being a parent to twin boys.  Although they are like two peas in a pod, they are sooooo incredibly different it's hard to believe they are even brothers, let alone twins!  I can say it's…


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Dr. Jen Is In: How to handle a picky eater

My little girl is starting to get very picky with her food! She's spitting out all fruits and will only eat vegetable if its a thick consistency like sweet peas! Is she getting all the nutrients she needs?? :(

I see that your little girl is about 9 months old now. This is a very typical time for babies to start the picky stage! As babies explore finger foods with new colors, textures, shapes and tastes, the “personality” of taste and preference emerges.…


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