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Parenting on Ice

Dear Baby Princesses,

I'm still not entirely sure that we did the right thing. 

Last night we went to Disney on Ice.  I will say that I do not regret it, because you both LOVED it.  You wore your Elsa and Minnie costumes, BP1 sang along and BP2 applauded constantly, even though it pretty much started at your bedtime.  So the event itself went great.  It was the rest of the day that was a struggle. 

Yesterday morning the two of you went to the…


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Five and Fabulous

Dear Baby Princesses,

You're both growing so fast that I'm overwhelmed by it.

As usual, it's been way too long since I've written and there's too much to say. But I'll do my best. BP1, you just turned 5 and you're so excited about that. Like last year, we did your party at Champion Kids, but with a Super Bowl theme this year. (Since your Daddy always has a Super Bowl party, you wanted one as well.) You had a fantastic time and it was easy for us, so a win all around.



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