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My Wedding Day- October 13, 2012

I've waited for what feels like a lifetime for this day... and I must say, it was everything I had dreamed of.  Things didn't go as planned, the ceremony didn't start until 2 hours later (long story!), things were haywire for a little while there... but at the end of the day we were surrounded by a beautiful scene off Lake Anna, friends and family we love, and the joy of entering into a marriage. 

My heart finally feels complete.  It's like we had all the pieces to a family- the love,…


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Heartburn and hair.....fact or myth

Well according to Our365 it is a fact but I had heartburn so bad I had ACID running up my nose with all of my kids. AND they were ALL born BALD!!!! So if this is "proven by scientists" why did all three of my kids give me hellacious heartburn yet they were all born bald? What am I a freak of nature? or maybe it's my kids....haha Just had to blog about this. It bugs me when they come out with info that I personally have proven wrong. Well, after thinking about it, maybe I am the freak. I…


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Caring for a Toddler in a Spica Cast

Dear Baby Princess,

This one isn't exactly for you either, but it is about you.

It's much more for any parents out there who are in the situation we were in 5 months ago, when we first learned that you were going to be in a spica cast.  As a mom who was searching the internet for some sort of comforting advice, I was disappointed not to find much.  Of course it was helpful to see the technical stuff: what a spica cast looks like, how to care for it, etc.  But…


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Question for Moms of Multiples

Dear Baby Princess,

Sorry, this one isn't for you.

But, maybe this is one of those that will be a good etiquette lesson for you as you get older.  It's something I've been thinking about for a while, since we have many friends with twins, but it somehow seems more pronounced now that J is expecting triplets (!).

It seems that almost every time I tell someone that a friend of mine is expecting more than one baby, they ask - in one way or another -…


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Dear Baby Princess,

Odds look good that you'll be a traveler like your mom.

Okay, it's probably a little early to make that kind of prediction.  But I just have to record how adorable you've been about the plane ride we took a couple of months ago - just you and me, a quick weekend trip for baby C's first birthday.

You've been on planes before, of course, but it makes sense that this is the first trip you remember.  First, I must tell you that you…


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Breast Foot Forward?

It was Eleanor Roosevelt that once said that, “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  Surely she wasn’t considering her six children when she made that statement.  In the two months since I have had our daughter (our first), I have found that there have been so many moments where I have felt a little bruised by the circumstances.  I say that with a light heart because slowly but surely we have made it through all of the…


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Happy Happy Happy!

Dear Baby Princess,

Happy New Year, Happy Birthday and Happy Freedom!

So, once again I'm behind on all of this, and so much more that I want to tell you.  But you are doing amazingly well, sweet girl.  Your cast came off on your second birthday, so it's been a little over a week.  Already you have re-learned to sit up (the cast has been holding you up for four months, so it makes sense that you got used to the support), to crawl (though you still favor the army…


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