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Breast feeding issues

Hi ladies,

I am a new mom with a 5 week old precious little boy who I am breast feeding. But we have had a few issues in the last two weeks. We were currently treated for thrush and while being treated I didn't bf for two days. I only pumped. I felt really bad because when ever I would hold him while he was around the time of being hungry he would look for me and when I would give him his bottle he wouldn't take it at first because he was still looking for the breast instead. I felt so bad… Continue

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I struggle everyday with mental issues and I take the best care of my 3 children.  Depression is really had to deal with a lot of things and I try my best to achieve an everyday goal of just getting out of bed.  I cook I clean and do for the family and It never seems to be enough.  As long as my children are happy I should be right?? I get yelled at because my 14 yr old is a messy teen and lazy but aren't most that way lol I know I was.  My 14 yr old is not my husbands child its his step…


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to sim

I had my baby shower yesterday and I must say we are truly blessed. Sim you are already spoiled. Can't wait to meet you. I can already say " you look just like your father" lol. We love you more than anything already, and I can't wait to share the rest of my life with you. I know these nine months of headaches, heartburn, back pain, throwing up, dehydration, kicking, flipping, and rolling will pay off!!!! You are my blessing from God and i love you!!!!! See you soon Mr. BRYANT

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Another Baby Maybe?

So I'm 40 and just had my 2nd child, I started late at 37 yrs old. I have

2 beautiful girls and after my 2nd I was suppose to get fixed and long

Story short she came to fast for me to get any Meds!! Much less an epidural!! Lol

My dr was on vacation and wasn't able to get fixed!! Soooo I have always said

Everything happens for a reason, and now he wants to try for a boy!!

Is 40 yrs old TO OLD to have a 3rd child? Not really wanting to but sort of

Thinking bout it,… Continue

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guilt trip

22 years young, blessed with my beautiful daughter and soon to be husband who, undeniably, misses "the old me". Our Saturday nights turned into a routine of fast food and cable t.v., usually falling asleep by ten. Once our new bundle of joy reached 1 month, after several nights of begging, I decided to take a night out.

My fiance was ecstatic, ready to conquer the night like we used too. 

How wrong he was. One hour in, I was ready to head back to my baby. Cocktails…


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