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Three's a Crowd

   You've heard the saying....two's company, three's a crowd...well nothing can be more true when it comes to sleeping and kids. I have to admit up front that I am really against letting kids sleep in their parents' bed. Call me mean, but the only time I think it's o-k is when they're sick, because who doesn't need a little extra TLC when they're feeling icky? I just think once they get used to sleeping with you and your spouse on a regular basis, they are going to think that's the norm. Sorry… Continue

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Dr. Jen Is In: Breastfeeding your teething baby - ouch

My 6 month old daughter is working on her top 2 teeth. The problem is, she thinks I'm her chew toy as well as her food. She refuses to take a bottle, pacifer, or even to use a teething ring. I am don't want to stop breastfeeding her but I really don't know what to do about her biting me.  -Veronica

Well, mom, you’ve just touched upon one of the ouchiest parts of…


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Meet the community's Star Moms!

Hey everyone! I'd better introduce myself first since I kind of snuck into the community back in May. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a SAHM with a little boy who turns 2 this week! Before he was born, I lived with my husband in NYC and worked in marketing and publishing. Now, we live in Seattle and I am happy to be a host here in the Our365 community (you'll see me mostly in the groups). 
But enough about me, this post is all about introducing our new Star…

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I'm back!- with a few wedding photos!

I am SO happy to say that this has been a wonderful month for me! Stressful, yes, but wonderful! I just got married, which was so amazing, the wedding went off without a hitch, despite all of the financial hardships we encountered along the way. My parents were a big help in making sure we had our wedding, they paid…


Added by Erika, Star Mom on September 22, 2011 at 10:11am — 1 Comment

Toddler Transition

Dear Baby Princess,


You are transitioning to your new classroom this week. 


So, this is the kind of thing that I would never have imagined as being a big deal.  My pre-mom self (and possibly my mom self 6 months ago, to be honest) would probably have rolled my eyes at parents who describe the transition from the infant room to the young toddler room in the same way one might characterize an overseas deployment .  .  . wildly exciting, unfathomably traumatic, a…


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Maternity Leave

Dear Baby Princess,


What is wrong with employers?


Okay, again, maybe not relevant to you right now.  But I sure hope that if you do have kids, by that time the employers in our country will have woken up and realized that the way to improve their workforce's morale, productivity and overall happiness is to provide better benefits to working parents, not do everything they can to convince employees not to take time off.  I mean are they seriously having this…


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Raddest Baby Music Video Ever

This video is a compilation of videos and pictures documenting the first three month's Phinneas Dae Wallace's life. The song is called "Little Me," by me, aka Small Hands, and, although it sounds like I wrote it specifically for Phinn, I actually wrote it in 2005.


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Homemade Baby Food and an Accidental Journey into Hippie Parenting

 It all started with a grain.

Brown rice, to be specific.…


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Ten Years Ago

Dear Baby Princess,


I want to tell you about September 11.


Before I scare you or anyone else, as you likely will know by the time you read this, I was fortunate enough not to personally know anyone killed that day.  I just want to record, probably more for me than for you, my personal experience.  And as this week marks the 10 year anniversary (recognized in China and it seems around the world, by the way .  .  . though I doubt it would be noted so…


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Dr. Jen Is In: Does My Baby Have a Speech Delay?

"My baby is 10 months old but he is not even waving good bye and not showing any signs.  I'm worried about that because I have been teaching him to clap hands, but he does not respond. What do I do? Help!" -Shalini

Your concerns for the development of your 10-month old are justified. Although every baby develops at his or her own pace and there's a broad spectrum for appropriate developmental stages, a 10-month old baby is expected to understand language and…


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"It's Fun to Have Fun, But You Have to Know How!"

Our house is a mess... But, as anyone with a toddler knows, that is life. There are toys and clothes and books and DVDs strewn across the living room and it's like trying to manuever through an obstacle course or running the gauntlet. With every step you take you hold your breath and pray that you don't impale yourself with a straw sippy cup or peirce your big toe on a Smurf. This is like living on an alient planet as I am an organized person, everything has a place and every place has a thing!… Continue

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From China With Love

Dear Baby Princess,


I’m across the…


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WORST ever poopy!

OKay so the other day me and my daughter were grocery shopping in Wal-Mart. Typical day in Wal-Mart, going down one isle and up another seeing the weirdest customers ever! Finally after gathering your item you get to the register and it seems like everyone else had the same idea as you did. And there's only 2 out of the 27 registers open. Finally we get up to the register and I knew Claire had pooped, but I was just gonna wait til' we got to the car, instead of going all the way out in the rain… Continue

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My Least Favorite Word

  Do you want waffles for breakfast? No. Do you want to put your clothes on? No. Do you want to go shopping? No. Have you guessed what my least favorite word is these days? Yes, it's no. I have come to despite one of the most common words in the English language. Why? Because that is all I hear these days.

   Is it just a coincidence that my daughter has turned two and this has become her most spoken word (in addition to hi and ma, which she yells out like Stewy on Family Guy, which has… Continue

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Shared Custody

Being a mom is a full time job, and being a working mom is like working 2 full time jobs. I mean basically I am sharing custody of my child with her daycare teachers; they get week days and I get nights and weekends. But unfortunately I have come to terms with this because there really is no alternative right now. We can’t live on one income, therefore, I work. It’s a simple equation, and while I am missing out on so many things (did she really take her first steps at daycare? Were we the…


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The End of Breastfeeding

Dear Baby Princess,


You're not making this easy.


I don't say that in a guilt-tripping mom way .  .  . you are the best and I know you would never do anything to intentionally make life more difficult.  But weaning you is going to be tricky for a number of reasons, most of which I've been thinking about and planning for for months now.  But I never anticipated that you would suddenly - and literally out of nowhere - decide that you didn't want to drink from a…


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            I remember one of the first feelings I felt when my daughter was born, was a better appreciation for my own mother. She had gone through this with me 30 years before. She had felt the overwhelming love for me that I now had for my child. She had been just as scared, nervous, worried, excited, and overwhelmed as I was now. I even gained a new perspective for my mother-in-law, and we quickly developed a strong relationship, that had previously been void.



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