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Our second little blessing

I am nineteen weeks along with my second child. I thought this one would be a lot easier to handle since I had already been pregnate but I can honestly say I was dead wrong. This pregnancy has been alot harder since I have to eat every hour cause my blood sugar gets low and my body gets so tired quicker and I can only gain fifteen pounds now since i am overweight already. I also am going to school to be a dental assistant and so I constantly have a headache after school and it can be… Continue

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On Our Own at Home

Overwhelming worry.

When we left the hospital with Wynnie on Saturday afternoon, that’s what I felt. Overwhelming worry. I worried that we wouldn’t get her in the carseat correctly. That someone would crash into us on the freeway. That we wouldn’t be able to take care of her on our own. I cried a lot that afternoon. I cried because I was scared. I cried because I was so filled with love. I cried to think about her growing up and no longer being my tiny baby girl.

And that…


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Listen up: Grammy Award winners Cathy and Marcy on why and how to sing to your baby

We've been following Cathy and Marcy's kids' albums for a while, and when we heard they'd created Sing to Your Baby, a book and CD to help parents and sibs connect to their babies through song, we asked them to offer their knowledge and insights on the importance of music for children.

With their 25 years' experience creating music for families…


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Rough Day

Dear Baby Princess,


I was terrified yesterday.


Let me start out by saying that of course everything is absolutely fine.  But what I experienced - legitimate or not - was true and genuine panic. 


Yesterday was one of those days that just seemed to have a heightened energy  .  .  . so much was happening and you could almost feel the raised emotions all around.  The day actually started with the most wonderful news ever: R smoothly and safely…


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Leashes...Love 'Em or Hate 'Em

   Before I had a child, I thought leashes were only for dogs, other small animals, and at times, husbands (just kidding, ha ha). But now, I've been exposed to a whole new world...leashes for children. We all know how hard it can be to keep kids from running around all over the place when you're in a store trying to shop. There's only so many times you can say "no", "get over here", "don't touch." It also gets annoying if you have to go and chase them down as you're rummaging through a…


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Mommy’s world reached a whole new level of crazy these last few days. From blocking my toddler son's attempts to go fishing in the toilet; to pulling him down from scaling the oven, the refrigerator, and the safety gates; to diving and lunging to save wine bottles and vases from hitting the floor, it’s been…


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Fever Part 2

Dear Baby Princess,


We've got some catching up to do.


I haven't written for the last week because things have been a little overwhelming all around, but nothing to truly worry about.  I am going to try to do a few short posts to bring you up to speed rather than try to do a week's worth of updating in one post.  The reason the week started off so crazy was that a week ago today, you were feeling great and suddenly I was feeling miserable.  Daddy was out…


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Teaching Mom

Being an educator is as part of me as being a mother.  I mother my students and I teach my children.  I teach my students and I mother my children.  I just had my second child on April 18th 2011 and am getting ready to welcome back all my students....which means I have to say goodbye to my children in the morning.  My oldest is five, so he begins Kindergarten.  But, my heart aches tremendously when I envision leaving little Cameron on "Mommy's" first day of school.  Now I know you have…


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The Need to Nest

It's here...the need to nest has arrived and I'm rolling out the red carpet. I remember during the first pregnancy, I suddenly had the urge to organize all my clothes and my husband's too for that matter. I wanted to organize utensil drawers...and anything else I could get my hands on. Someone told me my nesting phase was started. I didn't know what the heck that meant. I'm not a bird. But then I learned it's the urge pregnant women get to get things organized. It supposedly helps us prepare… Continue

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Dear Baby Princess,


Your sweet little face has been flushed this week.


Fortunately, you seem to be completely better at this point.  You weren't sleeping well on Monday night but of course we let you whimper yourself back to sleep throughout the night, per doctor's orders from a few weeks ago that you were fine and just wanting to be coddled.  But when I went in to get you Tuesday morning, it felt like you were on fire.  This is your first real fever (meaning…


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Welcome Wynnie

She’s finally here. After 6 years of dating and 9 years of marriage including 41 plus weeks of pregnancy and 3 hours and 18 minutes of pushing, she is here. The perfect blend of Andrew and me. There is so much in my heart and yet I feel inadequate to express it all here–or anywhere else for that matter. So, I’m going to start today with the days leading up to her arrival.

It felt odd to finally make it to my July 19th due date. For months this date had been hanging in my mind despite…


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Dr. Jen Is In: When a Baby Won't Eat Baby Food

"My daughter is 10 months old and I am not sure if it is due to her teething or due to the fact that she has gotten a taste of table food, but lately she won’t eat any of her baby food if we are able to get her to eat some its nothing like she should nor is used to eating. Table food she will eat and a bottle she will eat but wants nothing to do with baby food! What do I do? Do I not have to feed her baby food as long as she is eating bottles and table…


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Water Baby Photo Contest Winners by Guest Judge Me Ra Koh

Wow, I can tell your babies are having a blast this summer from all the fun photos you submitted!  The Water Baby theme gave room for such diverse ideas, and I loved seeing how you used the tips from the Water Baby Photo Recipe to get creative!  And now the contest is over, I'm so proud to introduce you to our winner and the three runner ups!




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My son looks like a baby!

If anyone else on here has the CRAZY mother in law who believes she chooses the spouse and she gets the grandkids, as well as she always wants to start know what this is like.

My mother in law acts younger than my daughter at times and if it werent for my husband and the kids id never look at that woman again! BUT me being the nice wife i am my husbands sister wanted to take her drivers test in my car regardless of them ignoring us and disowning us when our son came…


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Marking Milestones

  Graduations, weddings..they're among the milestones that parents cry and sigh over. I know those are way down the road for me, but there are some little milestones happening right now that are already getting me a little misty. My daughter just turned two and she's doing so many things on her own now. I know, I know, it's part of life, but I don't want to see her grow up! Parents who have already gone through these things can relate I'm sure.

   Before I became a mom, I used to roll…

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sleep deprived mommy!

I have a one month old and a 16 month old and I absolutely LOVE my kids without them I would be bored all the time...and wouldnt know what true love means...but today i had a bad mommy moment! the house was a disaster with toys and my oh so tidy husbands dirty laundry ( he loves to take his socks off and leave them around the couch along with  his tee shirt) so we have a thousand dishes along with the rest of the mess.

My daughter didnt get to bed at her scheduled time and had to wake…


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Breastfeeding Hospitals

Dear Baby Princess,


Okay, so this post is not necessarily about you.


But this is a blog, after all, and so it's a place for me as a mom to talk about mom stuff.  I fully expect you to skip over this part if in fact you end up reading this years from now.  But maybe, just maybe, you'll be a mom someday too and then you'll come back and want to read about things like breastfeeding and daycare.  Ideally my thoughts/advice/suggestions/rants will actually be…


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Dear Baby Princess,


Picking you up from daycare is the absolute best moment of my day.


Yesterday you spotted me and crawled as fast as you could across the floor, straight to me.  Before you could crawl you would bounce up and down, flap your arms, smile hugely and squeak.  Twice now you've been standing at the toy box - supporting yourself on it - and gotten so excited when you saw me that you started bouncing, lost your grip, fell onto your tushy and whacked…


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Meet author Amy E. Sklansky and Enter to Win

Click here to win a copy of You Are My Little Cupcake signed by Amy E. Sklansky.

You Are My Little…


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Dr. Jen Is In: How to Feed a Picky Eater

"My son is 14 months old and will not eat most veggies or fruit. He will not even put them in his hand or mouth. He loves bread, but if you toast it he will not touch it. Help! I don't even know how to get him put it in his mouth to try it."

This is a great question, and your situation is not unique.

First and foremost, I would suggest discussing this with your pediatrician to make sure your son does not need to be evaluated – some children have…


Added by Dr. Jen on August 3, 2011 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

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