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Our snacks are your snacks

Here's a funny thing my mom friends and I all do: we all say apologize profusely to each other when our kid is mooching snacks from their kid. It doesn't matter that their kid chowed all of our graham crackers and goldfish the last time we got together, or that we consider toddler snacks to be community food and pack accordingly. We all get together at least twice a week, so there's plenty of "snack payback time." Not that anyone's keeping score...I don't think? I'm not anyway. (I guess I…


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You know you're a mother when...

All of your children get sick but not at the same time making a three week marothon of changing sheets and watching a lot of Dora and the Electric Company while comforting the kids.  Now the question is will it hit me or won't it?  That is the question.

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Spica Cast

Dear Baby Princess,

I am both filled with relief and a little heartbroken that you have completely accepted your current situation.

Intellectually I realize that you're a toddler and that you adjust easily to new circumstances.  I understand that you have no capacity to feel sorry for yourself, and that your emotions hinge almost entirely on what has happened within the last 3 minutes.  Still, I can't help being astounded that your sweet, happy, loveable…


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Best Pout Ever

Dear Baby Princess,

As Daddy said, it might have been the greatest moment we've had with you yet.

On Thursday we were out to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa D (you've had a wonderful visit with them, by the way).  Since you're in the cast you were sitting in the booth with Daddy and I, balanced on Daddy's knee.  Just a couple of minutes after we ordered, you saw a server with a tray across the restaurant…


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