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Always Our Babies

“Just look at my baby, all grown up.” I’ve probably heard this line hundreds of times…from teary moms watching their children wave from school bus windows on the first day of kindergarten, or from fathers beaming over their sons’ or daughters’ graduations. I’ve even heard it from my own parents through the years,…


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Crying it Out

Dear Baby Princess,


Great news, for the most part, at the doctor today.


You're just getting a quick note today because I came into work two hours late.  I probably shouldn't be taking any time out of my day to do this, but since my door is closed for a few minutes while I'm pumping, I'm doing it anyway.  (It occurs to me you probably will not be interested in reading about things like breastfeeding and your diapers when you're older, but that's my life right…


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Dr. Jen Is In: Losing a Child

"I would like to know if anyone has ever lost a child? I was at 39 weeks. I think about her everyday, and i asked my husband what would she be like now. I know he care, but he does not want to talk about it at all like it will go away. I just want to know how other moms deal with it?" Theresa M.G.

Dr. Jen's response

I know you posted this question to the general forum, but I wanted to make sure and provide a pediatrician’s perspective…


Added by Dr. Jen on July 28, 2011 at 1:07pm — 6 Comments

I miss the first few months

SO im laying down and i pull Kennedy next to me so we can sleep like we used to and she pushed away from me :(. I couldn't believe it she used to love sleeping with me all cuddled like my little teddy bear and now she only comes to me when she wants to eat in the middle of sleeping.. The killing part is she dont want to sleep in her bed anymore. So she wants my bed with her milk without me..l0l..  Sometimes I like for her to sleep ny herself although I would rather it be in her bed but…


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Perspective Check

Dear Baby Princess,


On the way to work this morning, I got a good perspective check.


We had some formula canisters in the pantry that were about to expire.  I think we got them as some sort of free gift in the hospital, and since I didn't know how breastfeeding would go, I stashed them away as backup.  (We have been very lucky in that you've had nothing but breast milk so far.  Here's hoping we make it another two months.)  In any case, I couldn't bear the…


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Chewing on the Crib

Dear Baby Princess,


This morning when I came into your room you were chewing on your crib.


You slept a little better last night, only waking up once during the night.  Daddy came in to snuggle you and says he held you for forty minutes or so.  We're guessing it's the teething that's waking you up, but when one of us comes in and picks you up you always just put your head on our shoulder and close your eyes again.  Maybe you just want to be held?  When we try…


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Is Chivalry Dead?

  It seems this summer a lot of my dilemmas and drama stems from trips to the beach. My most recent visit had me chivalry dead? Here's the story...For some of us, putting up a beach umbrella is not easy. If you think it is, then good for you. Add a pregnant belly and a rambuncious almost two year-old child and it doesn't get any easier. During a visit to my local beach, my 16-year-old niece and I fought to get the umbrella in the sand. We dug and dug using our plastic shovels and… Continue

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Dear Baby Princess,


Last Friday you got our first tooth. 


The date was July 22, 2011 - two days before you turned ten months.   (To be fair, Mrs. M at school told me on Friday that she had seen the tooth the day before.  But I like to mark the occasion on the day we found out about it.)


That milestone got me thinking about how we need to record these things, even though I am the kind of mom - and really, the kind of person in general - who is…


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My agressive Little Darling

I can remember just 6 months ago I used to lay Kennedy down and kiss her all in her face and I would always tell her "Im going to kiss you on the lips even when you're old and married" her dad hated it but I loved kissing her.!!! Now 6 months later she loves kissing me.!! I felt like a bully making her kiss me then but now she's the bully.. I'll lay her down to kiss her and she automatically grabs my face with this mighty Kung fu grip and tries to put my whole face in her mouth, It is the…


Added by Jasmine Brown-Moreland on July 22, 2011 at 5:33pm — 2 Comments

Six month Shots :-(

So six months in and neither me and the baby are getting used to these shots or the pain but for some reason today's shots were the worst. While at the doctors it was the typical poke poke poke cry cry cry (with an added insult of the lady who poked her turning and asking Kennedy "aww whats wrong" HELLO YOU JUST POKED HER) then I fed her and she went to sleep. But once we got home the shot routine changed.. First she slept for like 4 hours so Im thinking yea I got some time to find a…


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Baby Name Racist people BUG me!

When I had my daughter March 23,2010 I had never heard the name Chloe other than the character on one of my moms soaps and my Great Great Grandmother. So when my aunt (who is unable to have kids,) asked me to name my daughter Chloe because if she could have had kids that was her name for their of coarse I agreed! Thinking YES my kids not going to have this popular name where when she is in class and the teacher yells "Chloe" 6 other girls arent going to raise their hands. My…


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Sleepy Days Restless Nights

Kennedy is now 6 months, as of yesterday, and she left her skill of sleeping through the night behind at 4 months. I lay her down at about 10 and some days she go to sleep quickly and some she don't, but thats typical right? Well after about 4 in the morning, I feel her rolling over and maneuvering my bra until her food is out and she can eat, All while she's still sleeping. However if I have my back is turned or she can't get it out or she becomes impatient with trying she starts to cry…


Added by Jasmine Brown-Moreland on July 20, 2011 at 10:06am — 8 Comments

O Zsha-Zsha, Where Art Thou?

Zsha-zsha. That is, by far, my one-year-old son’s most frequent word. Not ma-ma or da-da or ba-ba, but zsha-zsha. It’s what he calls his big brother, Jackson (my stepson who turns 8 years old this month). It’s the very first thing Jacob says when he gets out of bed—because our weekday routine since his birth has… Continue

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Tell Me What You Really Think

  Sometimes it really amazes me how nervy strangers can be at times. Here's the story that got me all fired up...We were on vacation last week and my daughter was playing on the beach. She went over to a little girl around her age and started picking up some of her toys. After telling her to stop, the little girl's mother invited my daughter to go over and play. Since my daughter is so friendly, (she can become BFF's with a rock, I think she definitely gets that from her father) we walked over.… Continue

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Dr. Jen Is In: Is My Baby On Track?

"My daughter is 14 months and she will not let go to walk by herself.

What should I do?" - Cynthia S

Before becoming a pediatrician and mom, I believed that sitting happened at 6 months, crawling by 9 months and walking by 1 year.

I’ve since learned that milestones are not rigid – instead, they’re periods over time.

Between 4 and 6 months, babies will sit with support, and possibly start to “tripod,” which means your baby’s hands fall…


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Avoiding the Guilt Trap

Fourteen months into motherhood, I’ve come to the somewhat disheartening conclusion that guilt is going to be a big part of the rest of my life. It creeps up on me when I drop my son off at the nursery of our gym. It catches me off guard when I spot, from my office window, a stay-at-home mom on the way to the park… Continue

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Dr. Jen Is In: Getting your baby back to sleeping through the night

"My 3rd child is going through something I haven't experienced before.

She was only getting up once or twice in the night, but now at 10 months she is fighting sleep and naps, and wakes every 45 minutes at night. We've heard that it might be because she's learning new things or I may need to feed her more before bed. She is genuinely hungry very often, and feeding her different foods doesn't help. We are so sleepy we can barely function. Help!"…


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Facts about spanking

We've been following the spanking debate here and here, and noticing some conflicting facts being tossed around. So we did our own research - and here's what we found:

1. The law. Corporal punishment in the home - ie: spanking or slapping of kids by parents and guardians - is illegal in 22 European countries an 7 non-European ones, but spanking is legal in Canada and in the U.K. (both countries have considered banning the practice on the advice of medical authorities;…


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