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I Can Help You

Dear Baby Princess,

This could be our last quiet evening for a while.

At least, that was how I was going to start this post an hour ago, before I went upstairs to change you and you decided to throw a mega-tantrum about the fact that I gave you a pull-up with a monster on it.  After at least 20 solid minutes of tearing your clothes off, crying hysterically and screaming at me about what not to do ("Don't go in my room! Don't wash your hands!  Don't talk!") I…


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No kids for the summer...yay?

My girls are spending the summer wih my mom on the west coast so that I can have some "alone" time. I haven't had any "me" time since my husband passed & it had taken a toll on me. Since making the decision to send them to my Mom's, I was excited! I had all these great things I wanted to do: read books, lounge at the pool, go to a couple bars, really get my Mary Kay business going, start dating, etc.

Then the time came when I was alone (well not really alone, my sister was here)… Continue

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Being a single parent isn't easy

I became a single mom almost 2 yrs ago & it's something I never thought would happen. I have the most amazing daughters (8 & 4) & I want to provide the kind I life we wanted for them before my husband committed suicide. They deserve the best & while financially it hasn't been easy, I keep trying hoping to make life just a bit easier.

I have a really good job & know that if I could just get on the right track, I can make it work but it's difficult when expenses are… Continue

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Mixed baby

Okay so I have a 6 month old beautiful mixed baby boy his dad is black and 25% Puerto Rican and I'm white I'm so sick of the rude comments we get though people say there's no way my son is his because he looks too white and it's getting on my nerves so much people just are annoying me I can tell he's mixed and he looks just like his daddy!!… Continue

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Sleeping Woes

Dear Baby Princess,


Please don't think that the time lapse between posts means that you're not important.


In fact, you're so important that spending actual time with you in person trumps spending time in front of the computer writing about you.  And outside of you, of course, there's been a lot going on.  I'll never catch you up on everything, but at least this is a start. 


So the title of this post refers to the fact that for more or less the…


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