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You know you're a mother when...

you wipe your kids' face off with your spit when you swore that you'd never do that when you became a mom. But now you know your spit is a disinfectant, doesn't everyone know that?

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You know you're a mother when...


you hate hearing "hold on" unless you're the one saying it!!!

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You know you're a mom when...

Your baby wants Daddy and it breaks your heart, when you should be jumping for joy and running for a bubble bath.

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You know you're a mother when...

you don't dare walk around the house without a bra on for fear that you will trip.  After all I did breastfeed three very voracious boys.

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Mother's Day

Dear Baby Princess,

Mother's Day was a little bit hard this year.

That totally caught me by surprise.  First of all, I generally put Mother's Day in more or less the same category as Valentine's Day.  It's a manufactured holiday, it excludes a lot of people, and while it can be a nice excuse to let someone in your life know that they are loved and appreciated, I would just never place a whole lot of importance on it.  Now that I am a mom, I'm very satisfied with…


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You know you're a mother...


My two year old, "Momma go outside?"

ME, "Ok go get your shoes on."


The result.  I guess that's what I get for asking him to get himself ready.  At least one of the shoes fit!!!…


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You know you're a mother...

I have decided to start a daily blog.  These are my experiences that I have had being a mother of 4 boys.


You know you're a mother...

                         when you are walking down the street and you look at a reflection in a store front and laugh at that disheveled person and then you realize it is you.  You then laugh harder and end up peeing your pants.  Yes giving birth has destroyed my bladder.  But oh so worth it..

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Are Books What You Need When You're Expecting?

Books, the internet, friends, family, there are tons of places to get some words of wisdom when you're expecting.

Where do you find the best advice? Check out my blog and let me know!

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Is Mother's Day a "Hallmark Holiday"?

Okay ladies, our big day is almost here. But, is it all it's cracked up to be?

Read my blog

and let me know!


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Dear God

Dear God

Thank you so much for giving me the most beautiful baby boy in the world. Thank you for blessing me. I want to be the best Mom possible. A Mom my son deserves and wants. I promise to love him, nurture him and protect him. To cherish him forever. I know I will make mistakes along the way but give me the ability to correct them and make them better. Let my son grow up to be a good man, find his soulmate and just have a happy and healthy life. Grow old and look back and think 'I…


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I called cps on my kids dad!!

So my 6 and 3 yo spent the weekend at their dads. He didn't drop them off until 8:15 Sunday knowing he is supposed to have them home by 6 and our 6 yo has school. Well my 3 yo was using the bathroom and he said "my daddy made me pee in a cup"!!! I asked my 6 yo about it and he said yea daddy needed it for a job! I was livid!!! I thought about it all Sunday night and most of yesterday before I decided I was calling child protective services on him. First of all I do not want my kids around… Continue

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Happy Changes!

Dear Baby Princess,

It's been a great week!

First and most importantly, you have a beautiful new baby girl cousin!  We will see her next week when we go to New York and I can't wait to snuggle her.  I think it will be wonderful for cousin R to have a sister and for you to have yet another cousin so close to your age!  We are also going to celebrate cousin J's first birthday during this trip and I think (well, I hope) that when all of you are a little older you…


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getting her to sleep in her own bed was easier than i thought!!

My little girl is now 21months old she has been sleeping with me since the night i gave birth! last night i walked her to her bed and told her it was time to lay down and go to sleep she got up and walked back to the lving room afew minutes later i walked her in there again told her get in bed cover up with your blankie it is night night time and i walked out she cried for 2 sec and 3min later she was out like a light and she even…


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