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Working Mom Blues and the Mom Who Regrets her Children


I use "working" moms for a lack of a better term to refer to moms who work outside the home. All moms are working moms. After I had my son I returned back to work out of necessity. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. If a family is able to live off of one income in today's economy or has the financial support from family or circumstances that enable it then I am more than happy for them.…


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Your First Language

Dear Baby Princess,

Your language has become truly incredible.

Yes, I am intellectually aware that you are not the first two-year-old in the world to begin to really master language, and I realize that I find it impressive simply because I'm your mom.  In fact, I just saw your friend A in San Antonio (her parents were sweet enough to make the drive over from Houston for the afternoon), and she, too, is talking up a storm.  But at the same time, it is just such a…


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Faraway Princess

Dear Baby Princess,

I am missing you tonight!

I am in San Antonio for a conference, and you are, of course, at home.  Actually, it's a pretty rare night, because I am out of town and Daddy happens to be out for the evening at the NCAA Championship game (Michigan vs. Louisville, in case I have trouble remembering years from now .  .  . though your Daddy will never forget that kind of thing).  I got to fulfill my lifelong dream on Saturday by going to the Final…


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