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Funny stuff baby does during Breastfeeding..for fun

Baby does so many thing during nursing either from natural instict or just funny habits they pick up one day ...sometime you have to wonder where did they get that idea?! So many tranformations have happened over my breastfeeding timeline i will share with you all and you can tell me if you had similar experiences and what funny ,annoying, or cute thing baby did while nursing!

From day one my baby loved to nurse and i never realized how much we were like animals tell i had my own…


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mommy's little MAN

mommy of: Jayce Adriel

Age:a year and a half


I have myself a little man on my hands. i dont consider him little boy, just my little man. it's too funny to see how he's so sure of things. For an example, for me to get him to settle for a little, just 20 minutes, so i can get some cleaning done i pop in Tarzan 2 (with zugore), which is his favorite movie. he will find his little chair plop it right in front of the TV and sit and watch it. move his little shoulders and…


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Banana Bread Muffins.

Banana Bread Muffins.

I figured it was time for another recipe to spice things up a bit.  But this recipe is anything but spicy.  It's a classic - simple, sweet, light, and delicious slathered in butter.  Mmmm, butter!  I've used other banana bread recipes in the past, but I always come back to this one.  I've actually baked it so many times, that the…

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Meet Spot.

Earlier this year, I announced I'd have big news coming.  Well here it is...we're pregnant!!  "Spot", as we have nicknamed our new little boy or girl, is due on September 7, 2012.  Mr. M and I, along with Miss G, are pretty ecstatic.  We're looking forward to all the excitement, chaos and changes that a second baby will bring to our household.  I look forward to sharing with you through out the duration of this pregnancy - cravings, mood swings, stretch marks,…

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No Whining and Dining for Tots

If you're like me, when you got out to eat with your family you say a little prayer that your toddler won't act up in the restaurant. But, sometimes you are "that" parent with "that" kid. How do you deal with it? Find out how one restaurant is dealing with it in my latest blog

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You have stayed at home and worked remotely since he came home with  us. I know how difficult this is. Especially when our lives depend upon your income. With your income we have a nice home to live in, food in our bellies, and transportation. You have not been stingy in your financial support. You've made it so that I may raise our child. That really is a wonderful gift. What is very nice is that you're here to raise him too. I think he really loves you. You stay up long into the morning…


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Shyne's first weeks home

I think when you're expecting you expect some things. I had done the reading and prepared myself pretty well for when the baby came home. What noone told me and i didn't find in the expecting books was how to soothe a baby with colic. There is no more inadequate feeling in the world than seeing your baby cry in pain and being able to do almost nothing about it. Sure she has moments during an episode when she will calm and try to get back to her peaceful sleep, but these moments are short…


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Your First Steps

Dear Baby Princess,

You took your first steps on Saturday.

More precisely, you took your first steps on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 5:58 pm.  I had just come home from getting a long-overdue haircut and you were playing on the floor with Daddy.  I knelt down to join the two of you and you climbed off of your truck.  Daddy helped you up and you were about to walk…


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