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amazing mothers

one thing i do love seeing is a community where moms are all united. going through everything and sometimes losing everything. i love the fact that i can come here and read other amazing mom stories and read what some mom went through that almost sounds like what i went through. i love the fact that im not the only one who has these feelings and im not the only one who is going through it. i love that i know im not alone...

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Caring for kids

I have a serious problem with myself. Maybe I care to much, or maybe I am justified. I dunno, you can decide.

My 'friend' Junell has a 4 month old daughter, which she formula feeds. I feel really terrible for this little one.

Her parents rarely hold her, play with her, or hand feed her. What I mean by that is that they sit her in her swing every time that she is hungry and they put a blanket on her stomach and prop up a bottle and walk away. They don't talk to her while she…


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Why I don't keep girls as friends

Men are so easy to get along with! Girls are the problem. See girls do thing like talk about you via text message while your in the same room, but don't say a word to you. They give you that god awful vibe that their talking shit, and of course you know that its about you because 1) they won't look you in the eye. 2) They'll start giving you dirty looks. 3) They'll laughing and when you ask why they say "nothing". 4) They aren't messaging you.

This is why I prefer to stay around…


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