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Mom of the Week: Danielle

Look at the size of that binky!

The winning photo and caption  


It's our first ever Mom of the Week, and who better to start…


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Parenting the natural way Part 2

   This week I visited our local Vitamin Shoppe because lets face it, if you like things to be natural like I do, they're always a home run. When I was grabbing Jayson teething relief drops I knocked over a box. When I bent down to pick it up, I saw that it was called "Baby zzzz's: Infant sleep aid." I dang near had a stroke. I've made the occasional, "I cant wait until I can give you Benedryl and send you to bed," remark, but come on! So I took my find to the guy behind the counter and…


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Just something fun for all Momma's!!

I thought it would be fun if we all shared are favorite songs to sing to our babies... It's fun to see what other momma's are singing plus it gives ideas to new mom's!! I hope you all play along, i did this with my girl friends and got alot of new great songs out of it!!


these are some of…


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Young mothers

So the day I found out I was pregnant my world changed, I changed.  I was 23, bartending, and living that lifestyle.  I was a heavy smoker for years and drank almost every night.  I had friends who were mothers and thought nothing of their parenting until that test came back positive.  I quit smoking and immediately my whole way of thinking changed.  My only thought was what can I do that will better my daughters life.  I started to realize that my friends that had kids were living the same… Continue

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Parenting the "natural" way, Part 1

Quote of the day from my husband, Jared, after lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings:

"Jay is my little wing man," "Surely you're not using our son to pick up women... ha ha," " Yea I am, he gets your shirt off for me all the time..."

   As my son is reaching his sixth month we started solids. One of my end of the pregnancy hormonal goals was to make all of Jayson's food naturally at home. Jared and I worked up a big plan and had it all set for when it was time. That time was this week.…


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Teen Mom 1, Teen Mom 2, American Teenage Moms 494,357

   My poor blogging has taken a back seat to online classes, a full time job and a healthy growing little Jayson. He is a big 5 months and an estimated 15lbs!


  The most recent reviews on MTV's Teen Mom is that it is reported to "encourage young women to become pregnant." Anyone that believes MTV or Dr. Drew sheds a positive light on teen pregnancy obviously does not watch the show. Being the televison junkie that I am I DVR both series, along with 16 and…


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just need to say this!!!!


IT'S NOT BABYSITTING IF IT BELONGS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iam so sick of hearing fathers say oh im babysitting or I have to babysit or im not a babysitter find someone else to do it! No matter how they say it, it is down right anoying and wrong!!!! you helped to make it you help to raise and take care of it!!!! shut the H*** up already! because you are not a BABYSITTER you are a FATHER!!!!

Added by Jessie P. on February 1, 2011 at 1:10pm — 5 Comments

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