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Applause, Applause

Dear Baby Princesses,

The sight of tiny hands clapping is more amazing than I every would have imagined.

BP2, I had to document the first time I saw you applaud.  It was a week ago last Thursday, so January 16, 2014.  I had just finished nursing you early in the morning and we were snuggled together on the couch, as we always are once you finish eating.  You were on my lap facing me, leaning back on your Boppy, and your face broke into a huge smile and you just…


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Why Nights Out Are So Important

As a stay-at-home mom you obviously spend a lot of time with your kids. A lot. So, when you get to spend a night out without them, it’s a big deal. A very big deal. Sometimes, it’s even better than getting a full eight hours of sleep. In my opinion, it’s actually more important.

I’m not a doctor of any kind, so my advice simply comes from what the crazy people in my head tell me. There’s my disclaimer. I came to this big revelation after a recent night out with a longtime friend. Both…


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The Six-Month Mark

Dear Baby Princesses,

Let's hear it for six months!

That's for you, BP2, in case you're confused.  You are now six months old and life has changed considerably over the last few months; it's amazing how much progress babies make in just the first year of life.  In terms of milestones, you've never been a huge fan of rolling over but you're now sitting up a good amount - you still need backup support or some sort of bumper but you can do it for pretty good…


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Hello parents

This is my 1st post for the new year. Last year ended on a somewhat sour note for me. During the summer I found out that I was pregnant again but my excitement was short lived when the father once again decided he did not want it. I regretedly made the decided to have an abortion. Even though I wanted the baby but the over whelming since of failure & knowing that once again I could not present my child with a father got the better of me and I made a decision out of fear. However seeing…


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