When you were figuring out a name for your little one- did your little one's dad and you agree right away or did you have to give up a name you really liked because they didn't care for it?  What names did you really want to use? 

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His first name was our first choice, but I don't love his middle name. We had his name picked out early, but 2 weeks before he was born my husband decided to change his middle name. We never decided on a girl's name, it was good he was a boy!

I find girls names to be a challenge! How did you handle the middle name change? That would have thrown me off, lol!

I wanted Kyle for a boy or girl but her dad said no for a girl, so we went with our only girl choice Skylar. Her middle name was changed afew months prior to being born.

Skylar was on our list for a girl and a boy at different points, it's a cute name!


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