Do you have a swim vest or something else to place on your little one when you go swimming? What kind do you have? Do you like it or would you recommend something different?

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We don't! We don't really go swimming so we don't need one for her. We went to the beach a couple times and I thought about getting a vest or some water wings but they are all too big - our little one is a skinny minnie haha. We just stayed with her in the surf and picked her up when the waves came in. She loved it. The rest of time we just do sprinklers or baby pool in the backyard :) 

Aw, that sounds like such a great time at the beach!

We have a puddle jumper, but it's a little big. We only got to go to a pool once this summer, so I just held him.

Those puddle jumpers are super fun- I just found some video of my oldest two kiddos playing in one when they were younger, such good memories!


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