Does your little one have shoes that are more for summer yet?  Did you get them sandals or go with another kind of shoe?  What's your favorite type of summer shoe for your little one?

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I got my son a pair of sandals, and a pair of flip flops. The sandals are fine for the store, but if he wears them to the parkdirt, and little rocks get stuck in them. The flip flops have a strap on the back and stay on his feet well, but he doesn't like the part between his toes. Often he just wears his sneakers.

The part between the toes seems to bother my kids too- we have some crocs (from my MIL), but I'm not a big fan of those.  They are super nice because they slide on, but they slide off easy at the playground too is the biggest drawback!

We got a couple styles from Stride Rite that are super comfy - they are sandals but not super open, so she wears her socks with them and the look great and she can run and play easily. We also got her some water shoes from stride rite and they are awesome too. Love those stride rites haha. I have a couple other sandals that are more open and girly and flip flops too but those either don't stay on or she doesn't like that part between the toes :)

Stride Rite sounds like a great place to start for summer shoes, lol!

we are loving Native shoes, they are waterproof, easy to clean, and comfy. Kids seem to love them, they are all over the place here in Seattle! Super cute too--my daughter's look a bit like Toms, my son's just like slip-on tennies. I'm thinking about getting some too!


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